La Defense and the world of the future!

To begin with, a little theory:

Defense or La Défense (fr. La Défense) - Modern business and residential district in the near suburb of Paris, west XVI District, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine. It is considered the largest business center in Europe [1]. Instead it is also called the "Paris Manhattan." In it live 20,000 people., And every day come to work 150 000 employees in 1500 firms and organizations have placed in La Defense.
Construction of the quarter, with its long pedestrian zone 1, 2 km and a width of 250 m, began in 1955. The first office building was opened in 1958. Now the set of La Defense is located the headquarters of various banks and insurance companies. The most impressive buildings are the Tower of Areva, Manhattan, Gan, CNIT (Center of New Industries and Technologies). However, the most famous building is considered to be the Grande Arche, a modern version of the Arc de Triomphe.

Now, move on to the practice.

54 photo. Taken from here.

1. Exit the station La Defense, the last station on the line 1, and immediately ...

2. ... we're in the future!

3. It is more abruptly than the Moscow-City!

4. Big business here erected its own Arc de Triomphe. And more than Napoleon!

5. The construction of cyclopean!

6. Moreover, this action office building!

7. !!!

8. Yeah, it takes your breath away!

9. Under the Arch is located Here's a song. Funny like between the glass

10. In front of the north-western suburbs of Paris.

10. But we will go to the left. Over there.

11. This area is incredibly clean, as befits a normal city of the future.


13. La Defense a lot of greens.

14. Glass and steel.


16. The Centre La Defense - is a pedestrian zone, but on the perimeter - the whole web of overpasses.
Of course, with a stop directly at the underground parking lot of skyscrapers.
So as the area under the laid a network of tunnels.

17. Next to the road quietly nestled a small cemetery.
Probably for the office workers there is a system of corporate discounts

18. But do not let the bad news, let's go further.
By the way, the clock is now not yet nine, and the working day is just beginning.
Workers hang out at the entrance, smoking, gossiping about what the salary of the chief accountant, etc.

19. Go through this cool move.

20. This is a rear view of a monstrous shopping center Les Quatre Temps.
When I say monstrous, I mean that this shopping center really incredibly huge.
Believe me.


22. Hence, as can be seen amusing apartment building, similar to some bird's nest.

23. Large open spaces - it's still great!
I really like the area, planned so that there is a feeling of spaciousness!

24. greens, a lot of greens. That's how the city should look like the future of PHC.

25. Parks here in abundance!

26. Greening even signs! Although this probably should be watered more often

27. Let's look at this very Les 4 Temps on coffee break.
By the way it is translated as "The Four Seasons".

28. Inside, no one is still closed at this time.
In addition to Starbucks, which has formed a huge queue.

29. clerks breakfast.

30. I was sitting somewhere under the inscription «Le Dome».

31. But, go back to the square. I'm really not a fan of HDR (Frankly, I just do not know how to cook it).
But this photo I like this!

32. On the stairs, hanging out a lot of positive sentiment of the people.


34. Now let's go to the other side!

35. It is «Le pouce" (the Thumb), or a finger. It symbolizes the fact that all the beam!

36. But this guy was blown away by the incredible atmosphere of this place.

37. Again, greens.

38. For information:

Defense is:
 - 1.6 km2
 - 3, 500, 000 square meters. m. of offices.
 - 150, 000 employees
 - 20 000 inhabitants
 - 210, 000 square meters. m. stores (including 120, 000 sq. m. "Quatre Temps", the largest shopping center in Europe (Continental)
 - 2, 600 hotel rooms
 - 310, 000 square meters. m. squares and walkways.
110, 000 square meters. m. of green space
60 skulmturnyh groups and monuments.

39. break.


41. Panorama of the main square.

42. Once in the '70s were built the main high-rise, residents of Paris began to resent that this is your
modern architecture spoils the view of Paris. And in a town where a satellite dish on the historic facade - is a crime,
such audacity just could not wait.
Therefore, the following buildings were significantly lower.

42.1. View of La Defense from Eiffel Tower:

For me, it is normal, not very much and spoils ...

43. Head over to the patio.

44. Here it is possible to make films about the future.

44.1. I am very sorry that not been here at night. I think it would be great!


44.3. Another break. In Paris, by the way, a lot of smoke. If you are told that the "civilized Europe" refuses
smoking - do not believe it!

45. Again, art, yes.

46. ​​

47. I have already said that in the La Defense also live. Well, live, apparently, not bad


49. Here we come to the end. There is the metro station Esplanade de La Defense and it offers a good view of the Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

50. The Eiffel Tower, where do without it!

51. Arc de Triomphe.


53. We conclude post sculpture installed at the entrance to the subway.

54. I would describe her as:
"Office plankton Wednesday night comes home from work & quot; =)



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