The analogy between ancient Rome and modern society

In this post I want to draw an analogy between ancient Rome and modern society,
Since a lot of things really similar, I make out the issue is only an example of personal care and hygiene.
Baths / Bathhouses.
In ancient Rome, the houses available, the soul, it is the privilege of the modern world, at that time it had not yet figured out the presence of baths fact quite rare. What then is meant by hygiene? The presence of a huge number of public term (Ban). Where can you go for a swim in the pool, steam bath, a massage, or spend an important meeting.

Part two

The modern sauna

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Unlike our public baths, Roman baths have several other functions. Baths could be more than just compare with baths, and a huge fitness center. There were rooms for gymnastic exercises and massage rooms and steam rooms were heated swimming pools, lounges, you can even use the services available to women. But other than that at Terme concluded important contracts and carried out the dates of the meeting. Sizes some terms were just enormous. It was a city within a city, some public baths can accommodate up to 10,000 people.

2. Morning Toilet.

We all used to (right now I'm talking about the male half) include procedures morning shave. For ancient Rome it was not something unusual. There, too, I had to go to work or clean-shaven in the Senate, for this existed barbers or barbers. Shaving was very painful, because it does not exist is not softening foam or razors with double or triple blade. The razor was made of bronze or iron tempered, crescent-shaped and sharpened the usual bar. But this is not the most interesting, is in ancient times had a tendency to pull out excess hair on the edges of the eyebrows. Moreover there were even wax strips on a natural basis, used by both men

And the modern Razor

3. Secrets of female beauty.

Even in those early days it seemed, people know about cosmetics. For example a woman lengthen her eyebrows coal stick, and shade them a pinch of ashes. In principle, all procedures are the same tools and the same seems to be changing only the ingredients used for coloring eye cuttlefish ink and burnt the date-stone. And also burnt crushed ants. Also painted lips and, using the paint for carmine and vermilion. To rejuvenate the use of honey cream, adding more fatty substances, and a bit of white.

4. The public restrooms.
In Rome, as in any modern metropolis was a lot of public toilets, some of them heated. The biggest difference between modern and ancient toilet any lack of privacy. On a long stone bench with slots sit on a few people. My friend successfully compared the bathroom with a toilet in the army. But in Rome, it does not bother nobody, people are sitting and talk with each other, more "Let the wind shall not be considered indecent." I would say out of place but even while receiving write. Toilet paper does not yet exist for this purpose used similarity with sponges brushes at the end, disposable sponges and lie in a certain similarity of the artificial stream flowing at the feet of the visitors of this place.

The modern public restroom, found me in the vast network.

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I could spend many more analogies, if you're interested, I'll do the pros and yet these posts. I want to note that I purposely made a short post. to the wealth of information did not scare you and you have not closed the post with the words "Too many letters."



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