What unites all the people of our planet?

We all do it.

1.Punkt which is inherent in every human being without exception.
It's a lie. Everyone once in your life but do not seriously deceived.
If a person says that you never cheated, he does it right in front of you.

2.Pochёtnoe second place is ...
Masturbation. Each of the first people on the planet 20 years of at-least once in your life but masturbated.
And again, as anyone who tells you that he never masturbated automatically fall under the first paragraph of our parade.

3.Mesto gets fantasies ...
Fantasies about sex with their same sex.
Again, the first person from each of 20 years but once imagined myself in gay sex.
Again, anyone who will fall under otnekivatsya 1 point.

4. This place give your nails!
Each first man now 10 years old, at least one time but biting his nails.

5.Mesto out cigarettes.
Statistics show that in the 21st century, almost every first-person at least once probyval these "death sticks»

6.Mesto takes the mat.
Each of us has a life-format delivers at least 200 words.
And some 200 personalities mats pronounce only a day!

7.Mesto gets gum!
Gum with us for as much as 142goda!
At night, our planet is almost 100 tons of chewing gum.
Everyone from 15 years at least, but once tasted the taste of sweet gum.
For reference, 100% of the large cities of our planet lies on the ground for at least 50 tysch gum.

8.Mesto gets tea!
According to statistics, more to the 19th century every first person on earth has drunk at-least 1 cup of this drink.

9.Mesto captures dance!
Anyone, even the most hard-at least once was given the magic of dance!

10.This no less a place of honor takes currency.
Anyone subservient money.
At the moment, according to world statistics virtually 100% of the world's population has a number of money.
No matter 5,000 rubles, or 1 penny. The main thing that every person on the planet at least once, but entered in the global cash flow to investing their money.

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