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Writes Sergey Dolya:

Moscow Institute (University) of International Relations (MGIMO) is included in the 50 best research centers in the world and occupies the 4 th place in the ranking of the best universities in Russia. Learn here is prestigious and very difficult to do: the average passing score on the exam - 85, 2, and it is one of the highest average score among all universities in the country (above only MIPT - 86, 3).

Despite its image as a "major," the institute where the study is mainly the children of senior officials, arrived to pull last year, according to the results of entrance examinations MGIMO has been recognized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation as "the most transparent institution."

However, those who often travel by MGIMO, know that parking and the street in front of the university is always packed with expensive Cayenne and Mercedes, which have created the image of the institution.

After fasting University of Amsterdam, where at the end I put the photo and parking MGIMO three Bentley, I was contacted by the staff of MGIMO and offered a tour of the university. What I saw of the strictly protected doors of the Institute, completely destroyed the stereotypes I had before. I saw not what I expected ...

Photos turned out a little less than 80, so I'll break the story about the university to post 2. In this show the audience and all that is connected with the process of learning, and the next - all the infrastructure, including the library, canteen and dormitory.
35 photos

Naturally, it all begins with a hanger. I expected to see the girls in a mink coat, not seeing anything in front of him, and the young men in elegant suits from Jin and gold fingering, but instead saw a completely normal student, thinking primarily about learning, not about his pathos: < br />

The building was built back in the 80s, and architects, probably before that practiced in the construction of mazes. It is very difficult to navigate. I went to the university for about two hours, accompanied by Assistant Rector Paul Demidov, but if I had left at least 5 minutes unattended, leaving the building I myself would not have been found.

The main foyer is called "the Centre", however, the local slang for not saying "meet in the middle," say "to meet at the center" and then all at once understand, which will host the meeting, although I think it sounds a little "country-style": < br />

In order to ensure that students are not strayed in search of the right audience, all the corridors at MGIMO have their names on the walls and navigation tips:

Modern icons clearly stand out from the rest of the building, for a long time not seen repairs:

Some icons have been very creative and funny:

In the corridors of the few times I've seen intranet terminals:

Here, students can go to the server of the University and see, for example, schedule:


The university study as "state employees' and pay students for whom training costs 274 000 rubles per year.

In total, the university now trained 4,851 people (despite the fact that the building is designed for 2,000 students). Of these, only 40% of Muscovites, 10% from the CIS and 10% from abroad.

In order to enter the MGIMO, a certificate exam is not enough. All applicants must also pass exams. Thus clipped students with high scores exam is not an honest way.

The MGIMO eight faculties and five institutes. The oldest faculty - Faculty of International Relations - on its basis in 1944 and appeared at MGIMO. The youngest - Department of Applied Economics and Commerce, set it to start this year alone.

Every day, on average, undergraduate students (1-4 year) 3-4 pairs. Learn to 6 days a week. The main part of the course - the language. In a week in most faculties 5 pairs of the first language and 3 pair of second language, and it is almost half of school time.

I liked the student watches. Great idea:

Hall №1, which meets the Scientific Council of MGIMO-University. It was in this room their doctoral lectures were people like Irina Bokova - UNESCO Head, Shimon Peres - President of Israel, Ban Ki-moon - UN Secretary-General, Vinton Cerf - one of the developers of the protocol TCP / IP, «Father of the Internet" and others.

With software lectures were Anders Fogh Rasmussen - The NATO Secretary General, Madeleine Albright, Ted Turner, and many others.

Monitors connected to a computer in the control room from which the image is transmitted also to the big screen:

The rest of the audience seem simpler:


I got to the meeting of the famous economic discussion club «OECONOMICUS», which brings together students and graduates MGIMO interested in economics, law and politics. The club came to visit Alexander Auzan, Alexey Kireev - the leading economist of the IMF, Igor Artemyev, - the head of the FAS, and many others.

Seminar Hall. If the teacher is required to engage in the computer to the projector, it brings in the audience in advance. This is one of the clearest differences from the University of Amsterdam. There all the equipment stands quietly in classrooms and hallways, and we all need to take with you, or to close a key audience. Steal ...

The Moscow State Institute of Foreign language study 53. By the way, this indicator University in 2010, he entered the Guinness Book of Records. Students are divided into linguistic groups for a maximum of 9 people, and they are engaged in small classrooms:

Rare languages, such as Urdu, Pashtu, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Amharic, as well as less common European languages, such as Danish, Greek, Swedish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, etc., are taught in groups of no more than 4 people :

That only is a stand with books at the local bookstore. Read the labels on the spines:

Facilities for self-study. You take a pad and mouse, you sit down at the computer and educate themselves. And then pass the state exams in a foreign language:

At the University a lot of different language laboratories:


And it is a room for training interpreters. Classes are taught by specialists Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Teacher launches any speech or a movie, and students, each sitting in his booth, translate:


Very surprised that they include a recording tape:

But the complete "explosion of the brain" I came when I saw my first VCR - "Electronics VM-12." I remember tormented him as a child and I was sure that if they were somewhere, only in museums or at my grandmother's attic. As I explained, it is just worth as a museum exhibit:

Pride MGIMO - a gym with a swimming pool:



Last year, the University completed construction of a new building:

This is a modern building with glass elevators and inner space, reminiscent of the hotel:

In total for 2 days before my visit here has opened information center with the status of the EU Documentation Centre. This type library, only smaller and with books of the European Union:

The hall in the new building is very similar to the courtroom of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but it is certainly much less:

As in other classrooms, catches the eye "forgotten" by students of empty bottles and cups. Unfortunately, we need a couple of decades to wean litter:




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