How to catch the elephant

Malaysian Wildlife Department is engaged in catching and training of elephants for many years. Wild elephants to accelerate the adaptation to humans and captive placed in cages with the already trained animals. And the first few weeks of the newly caught elephants tied laterally fitness. So inhabitants of the jungle can not strike either the instructor or escape.

Freshman removed from the forest. At first, he tried to hang back, but quickly tired and more or less meekly stamps for relatives and people

Hunting for wild elephants in the forest Kota Tinggi 400 km from Kuala Lumpur. In order to put down an elephant, it takes one to three accurate hits tranquilizer

Asleep elephant tied chains to training fellow. Once the prisoner wakes up, relatives, apparently to explain to him where he was and how it will live now. Trained elephants after a brief acquaintance with rookie themselves escorting him to the training center. Sad elephant in the center just recently hit the prisoner to the people, and, judging by the eye, is not eager to leave their jungle

In order to ship the newly captured wild elephants in the car, it was an earthen ramp height Body


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