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I want to tell you about our trip to India in February this year. There have been visiting the city of Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai and Goa.
There are 90 photos and comments.

You can reach India by many airlines. Fly away from the frosty Moscow Qatar Airways. Delhi Airport has surprised its cleanliness and colorful and reminded his view of the shopping center.

2.Pervaya that surprises, a huge number of rickshaws, the most popular form of transport 1 km-10 rupees (1 rupee, 70 kopecks)

3. Legendary Main Bazar (Main Bazaar), where we went in search of the guesthouse

4. In Paharganj Main Bazaar Street and on several adjacent lanes, consisting of continuous shops and guesthouses, stop all backpackers of the world!

5. SDA to some extent observed in the presence of traffic lights at intersections

6. And these guys were trying to outrun us ...

7. Shopping streets striking their colors

8. The first item on our visit was the Red Fort of Delhi. Red Fort is very inspiring building, huge wall height of 11 meters on a 2-kilometer perimeter, surrounded by a 9-meter ditch, usually without water.

9. Shkolota!))

10. Often seen holding hands young people

11. In the alleys of the old district of Chandni Chowk can buy milk from cows ...

12. ... which can be found in any part of the city (except maybe New Delhi)

13. Local citizens manage to sleep on any surface at any time

14. At the gates of the India Gate was asked to take a picture with schoolgirls ... Why then all want to be in the foreground ...

15. All life on the street. 15 million Delhi highest number of homeless people in the world - 3 million

16. In the city of tens of thousands of rickshaws. According to the drivers, the average cost of such a vehicle Rs 250-300 tons (150-200 m rubles).

17.Sikhsky temple. It is a religion, which recognizes one God, Eternity, the Creator, reason without hostility and hatred. Sikhism does not Accepted ideology of pessimism. It supports optimism and hope.

Qutab Minar 18 - the world's tallest brick minaret (72, 6 m). Apart from the usual targets convene people to prayer in the mosque Kuwwat-ul-Islam, the minaret was used as a tower of victory to show the power of Islam, as well as a tower for viewing the surrounding area in order to protect the city

19. Squirrels in India live in large numbers.

Qutab Minar 20. Iron column Alai Minar. According to legend, the column can get rid of many diseases and to give happiness to a man if to embrace a pillar standing back to him. Now it is set around the fence and it does not pick up. Eternal happiness no one is safe.

21. Lotus Temple or the Baha'i house of worship. Bahá'í temples are open to all people regardless of religion. Anyone can also go to the temple and pray samostoyatelno.Nevazhno what your faith, God - one.
The temple is in the shape of a giant semi-open lotus flower, consisting of 27 petals, arranged in three rows. Internal number formed directly arch buildings and reminds not yet a full-blown flower bud. Lotus - the symbol of purity!

21. This is such a miracle was found on the road - a tree in the middle of the roadway

22. Swastika everywhere! Swastika - one of the oldest and most widespread graphic symbols. Most ancient peoples it was a symbol of the movement of life, the sun, light and prosperity.

23. Tali-the only thing you can eat)) This is the main dish of Indian cuisine - hoists (thali - from the word thalia - plate & quot;). "Men eat it to be strong, and women - thick and beautiful" - convinced the Indians. Two identical hoists does not happen even in the same institution catering

24. Laxminarayan Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of fortune, Lakshmi and her husband Narayan (Lord Vishnu) .Dostigaet height of 50 meters and is decorated with white marble and red sandstone, its walls decorated with various symbols and inscriptions from the sacred books of Hinduism.

25. Conventional dirty streets of Main Bazaar ... but sometimes come home, true works of art.

26. ... that's how zdes.patsan in the courtyard of his house is luxuriously decorated.

27. Wagon for disabled (700 km free Delhi - Varanasi). All tickets (booked in interenete) confirmed except Delhi-Varanasi.tak that in connection with the schedule had to travel on the same train, but the train with people with disabilities. The car is divided into two halves -muzhskuyu and female parts. We went to a nearby male estestvenno.Iz halves could be heard all night penie.V our car except Tani was another woman, another 10 people (Bespalov, legless) + guard, and next to us the same as we hare

28. Varanasi. It is believed that the city of Varanasi - the first city in the world built more gods. According to the Hindu epic, from that point it began the creation of the universe. It is a favorite city as Brahma and Shiva. Here you feel eternity.

29. Mark Twain, who visited here once, said: "Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even legends - and looks twice as old as all of them put together."

30. Local boy

31. Among the Hindus, the cow - especially honored and compared with the mother, and even gods. It is believed that the cow is present in every part of the Divine, therefore, the duty of every person to respect the cow, to protect and defend her.

32. The main temple in Varanasi - Vishwanath Shiva - Shiva is dedicated to the incarnation of the Lord of the universe. It was built in 1776 on the site of an ancient temple. Unfortunately, the entrance is forbidden for Europeans.

33. Dries g.vno for sale. It is used as a fuel and weatherization of homes. They wanted to bring as a souvenir))))

34. Normal Vodicka! Living on the banks of the Ganges did not stop even for a moment - thousands and thousands of people come here to "wash" their sins in its sacred waters.

35. Local saints with detached entities

36. The most popular game - cricket. The game even on a narrow embankment

37. The self-burned (Poonja). That's burned body and send the ashes of the dead into the waters of the river, releasing the soul from suffering and cleansing the sins accumulated in the last life. This is done everywhere, not only in Varanasi, including and upstream. So what remains of cremated bodies make up a significant percentage of turbidity contained in water and mud.

38. The Washerwoman, India purely male profession, it does not mean that the wash only men, women too often are engaged. But large amounts of wash out can only be a man, because the process is very peculiar

39. The best way to see the city - at dawn to hire a boatman, and sail past thousands of people, including yoga, Brahmins and ordinary believers gathered on the steps at the great river. Waterman asked for a break, which caused a considerable surprise to sailing past the Indians

40. Colourful streets Varanasi

41. "Conductor" in the post

42. Average traffic, followed by a continuous sounding of horns

43. Advertisement of the local fitness club Indian "Schwartz»))

44. Hell Electrician

45. House plastered shit. You may think that the bad living ?!

46. ​​The fool in the local barbershop. Haircut 50 RUE + Massage head 30 RUE

47. Snack on garbage. These avoided by

48. Taj Mahal - the view from the Agra Fort. Gorgeous in the picture. Fortunately, the images do not convey the smell. Here's a closer look at 5 cm. Upwards from the lower left edge of the image: in the foreground half shallowed river consists of garbage.

49. Martyn Martynych

50. Agra. The surroundings of the Taj Mahal. Abrigen with dochuroy

51. The influx of Yamuna flows under the walls of the Taj

52. Brass Band. Many of these musicians have seen at weddings

53. Children Jaipur

54. Snake charmers. Seeing a foreigner, run up and begin to play the pipe

55. Jaipur. Palace of the Winds. Palace of the Winds is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is believed that the appearance of the palace architects have tried to do with the crown, which usually adorn the head of god. View from the street. Number of niches - 953. This anthill!

56. Jaipur. Palace of the Winds. The main purpose of the building - the harem. It was here that in the following years often visited numerous pampered wives of Indian princes.

57. Jaipur. Palace of the Winds. The wives of Indian rulers had a chance to inspect the windows of the neighborhood, while remaining invisible from the streets.

58. Jaipur. Palace of the Winds. It is worth noting one feature Hawa Mahal - in building no one ladder. All transitions from floor to floor made gentle lifting

59. Jaipur. View of the city is impressive

60. Jaipur. Such srach near the beautiful city palace!

61. A paradise for bikers eye

62. Mowgli

63. It is surprising to see in the poor regions of India abandoned mopeds. This sight is very common

64. Modern India. According to friends, more recently, such was unimaginable

65. Jaipur. Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar - one of the five astronomical observatories built by Maharaja Jai ​​Singh I in 1725 With enough time and desire, you can find out what works.

66. Jaipur. Jantar Mantar. Samrat Yantra or the main unit, which "mainly used as a precise and uniformly reaching sundial.

67. Jaipur. Amber Fort. Perhaps the most impressive building in Jaipur. It is located five kilometers from the city and is situated on the slopes of a high hill.

68. Jaipur. Amber Fort. On the surrounding mountains on the perimeter defenses are reminiscent Wall. With this Amber was considered one of the most protected forts in India.

69. Feed the pigeons is to purchase corn at a nearby grandfather.

70. It is unclear what kind of building. Said kind of hotel where a room costs around $ 2 m ... looks amazing!

71. Jaipur. The store Indian saris and shawls. Bargaining is necessary to insanity !!! Then prices will be unrealistic

72. The market pleases with its colors

73. Bombay. Gateway of India. So named triumphal arch, set in the place where before arriving on ships landed in Bombay passengers. Through them, the Indian left the last British soldier.

74. Monkey Island Elephanta

75. Bombay. Elephanta Island. The name was given to the Elephanta Island in the XVII century Portuguese explorers after they stumbled on the shores of the stone sculpture of an elephant. On the island, carved in the rock cave temples date back to the IX-XIII centuries.

76. By the way, the entrance to almost all the temple and other facilities in India is 250 RUE for foreigners (Local 10 RUE), but some can get for free, bypassing the main entrance, which we sometimes do

77. On the way back a little storm. Some local tourists too ...

78. Bombay actively built beautiful skyscrapers

79. But the majority of people living in such conditions

80. Typical house

81. Services sector is highly developed

82. Fairy dalpayop !!! In Bombay the train he was riding as 40 minutes, holding the projection of the car, and shouting with delight

83. Goa, Anjuna

84. The choice of this beach has been stopped because of the conductive here Wednesday Anjou famous market on Wednesdays. The beach is excellent, market-awful. Market close to Mapusa constant and cheaper, and more choice. Here irritated because wafting everywhere krikov- "come here! Buy gift to his wife, grandmother, daughter, sister! grandmother come on! ELEPHANT BUY !!! "and etc., Kotormo local touts trying to sell to tourists stuff

85. On the beaches sometimes arrange representation

86. Cows really well everywhere !!!

87. The largest Catholic cathedral in India, built by the Portuguese More

88. The 300-meter waterfall Dudhsagar (the name translates as "Milk Sea" because of the surrounding cloud of white spray of the waterfall)

89. At the spice plantations and fruit felt monkey))

90. And finally, a photo of Doha (Qatar), where the transplant.

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