The most emotional moments of the Olympic Games

Olympic Games - emotional, vivid, spectacular events that cause different emotions as the athletes and the spectators.
During the existence of the Olympics, had accumulated quite a few interesting moments, showing how strong may be the desire to win.

1. Derek Redmond to reach the finish line, no matter what

Derek Redmond - participant of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​the tragic hero, the history of which is a cause of regret and sympathy. First British runner got to the Olympics in 1988, by which time he won a gold medal in the race at 4 * 400 meters at the World Championships, Europe, and also in the Commonwealth Games. Derek was the cherished dream of winning the Olympics, but apparently it was not to sbytsya.Za four years before the Olympics athlete injured his hamstring, back to the arena, he had to undergo eight operations and undergo heavy rehabilitation period. Arriving in Spain in the competition, Derek was in excellent physical shape, but luck turned away from him again - 250 meters from the finish line of his tendon damage again. Despite the excruciating pain in his leg, the guy got to his feet and limped toward the finish line. His father, who was at guard, managed to break through security, and he helped his son reach finisha.Derek passed the finish line last, he did not get a gold medal, but his courage applauded the stadium - 65 000 spectators.

2. Jesse Owens - frustrated Hitler

Berlin, 1936. Hitler was convinced that the most powerful and agile people of the world - blond and blue-eyed Aryans, descendants of the ancient civilization of Atlantis bandwagon. While Hitler was trying to show the superiority of their athletes before the rest of the world, black Americans, do not fall within the scope of the "ideal" athlete managed to win gold medals in several disciplines: the 100 meters, the women's 200 meters, long jump and relay team 400 meters. The victory of the negro brought Hitler into a rage, and he even refused to shake hands with the winner at the awards ceremony. In spite of the great achievements in sport and world fame, upon returning home, Jesse had to go up to his apartment freight elevator, as ordered all blacks.

3. Wilma Rudolph: The call of the disease

Wilma Rudolph - one of the most courageous women athletes, decided to defy all odds. The girl was born prematurely, polio (infantile spinal paralysis), doctors were not sure whether the child to walk, not to mention his participation in high-speed races. With the growth of Wilma grew and her health problems, in addition to polio she suffered chicken pox, scarlet fever, whooping cough and other diseases. Despite this, the girl was able to recover from the disease, and in 12 years it has even started to play basketball, 16 hit the US team in athletics. Once in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the athlete was able to win the bronze medal in the relay at 400 meters. 4 years later she will gain a real triumph in Rome, becoming unconditional favorite in the race for 200 meters and setting a new world record. It was the first gold of American athletes at the Olympics. Wilma just managed to win three gold medals. American fans gave her the nickname "Tornado Tennessee", the Italian - "The Black Gazelle", French - "Black Pearl».

4. Kerri Strug victory with a broken ankle

After the games, in 1996 the American gymnast Kerri Strug became a national hero, her personally thanked President Bill Clinton, her photo adorned on each package quick breakfast «Wheaties». Glory to the girl came after competing at the Olympics in the "Magnificent Seven", she, despite an injured ankle, was able to work out a program and get enough points to snatch victory from Russian rivals. Once Kerry landed after the final jump, she fell into a fit of agony before she overcomes her pain to bring victory to his team.

5. Billy Mills: American Indian champion

Billy Mills was educated grandmother grew up in a poor family on the reservation. It would seem that what he may have a chance to win in the Olympics, where athletes compete outstanding world. However, due to their persistence and perseverance, the guy was able to break into the US national team in athletics and impress everyone with his sprint. Winning the 10-kilometer race in Tokyo in 1964, Billy became famous all over the world. To participate in the competition, runners had to borrow money to buy a pair of sports shoes, because he was not familiar to anyone, and, according to the sponsors, footwear provided only "winners».


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