History of Flight on Earth and in space

I saw an interesting collection of photographs in the exhibition «Skydreamers» Autry National Museum in Los Angeles. All pictures taken from the collection of Stuart White.
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1. Dreamers soar to the heavens.
In the photo taken in 1871, we see the first attempts to raise into the air balloon filled with hot air. Many years later, people constructed a plane and, eventually, a space missile that can overcome gravity, climb into space. Fortunately, there are photographers who can capture the momentous moments of humanity.

2. bird or a plane.
In the book "bird's eye view - the basis of Aviation", published in 1889, Otto Lilienthal will set out his theory of flight, based on a detailed study of the structure of bird wings and aerodynamics of bird flight. It is built and tested 18 aircraft, inspiring his famous theory of the Wright brothers, who carefully studied his technique, invented and built the world's first airplane.

3. airship.
This photo was taken about 1912. Above the hotel Raymond, in the Californian town of Pasadena in the air flying airship, designed by Roy Knabelshuem aeronaut. As James R. Chiles wrote in his book "From the boomerang to" Black Hawk Down. " The history of the helicopter, "" Flight of Knabelshuya and his associates encourage young and talented inventors pay attention to aviation. " One of these inventors is Glenn Hammond Curtiss, an American aviation pioneer.

4. "loop" in flight.
An experienced pilot Art Smith became famous for his curly flights, as well as the fact that at night flights he used the flash, making the "labels" in the sky. Subsequently Art became the first post-pilot.

5. Lucky Lindy.
The famous American pilot Charles Lindbergh standing next to his airplane. It was he who first flew the Atlantic alone in May 1927. Now the plane is in the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

6. Man on the Moon?
In 1934, Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles preparing for the opening. In the photo - the artist Roger Haywood shows a replica of the moon on a smaller scale.

7. aviation pioneer.
Portrait of Amelia Iaher removed from the aircraft in 1937 - one of the many photos of famous pilots who appeared in the press at the time. In 1932, Amelia became the first woman flown alone across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1935, she - the first pilot to fly to Hawaii. Unfortunately, in 1937 she disappeared without a trace.

8. Pleasure aircraft.
Robert Doisneau - French photographer, known for his humorous photos of everyday life, including this shot of a tired father, riding son on the family plane.

9. Do you want to be in our place?
The curator of the exhibition «Skydreamers» Stuart White collected a lot of cards such a plan. "At various carnivals and entertainment events of that time had a lot of models the latest achievements in the field of aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding. A card like this, you can make a joke and send to relatives. "

10. Flying Saucers.
The inhabitants of the planet Earth fly into space, why the inhabitants of other planets can not fly back to Earth. "Flying saucer hovering in the air above your house looks scary, unless it is a consequence of the imagination of a Hollywood director," - says White. This photograph appeared in 1950 and marked the beginning of crazy ideas about flying saucers.

11. Aviation and art.
White does not know exactly what this picture, but it is so beautiful and at the same time difficult to understand. Under the title "God's answer" this photo was an illustration for a series of articles devoted to space issues, published in the Japanese newspaper in 1957.

12. The first woman in space.
Portrait of Valentina Tereshkova in the astronaut suit before the landmark date - June 16, 1963, when she became the first woman to visit space. Tereshkova flew into space three times and each time the doctors and the scientists measured her vital signs to be compared with the performance of the pilot - men.

13. The Americans on the moon.
This famous photo shot in 1957. It: astronaut Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong with display glass of his helmet in the background - rover. This is a 3-D version of the famous photo.

14. Life on the Moon.
Charles Duke flew to the moon on the manned spacecraft "Apollo 16" and became the 10th person to attend this satellite. He put the picture of his family on the moon and made this famous picture.

15. What is beyond Earth?
To make the picture, it took four months. Here you can see the stars that existed 13 billion years ago! Scientists used images taken by the space telescope "Hubble" - automatic observatories in orbit around Earth. Due to the lack of influence of the atmosphere, the resolving power of the telescope is 7-10 times more than the same telescope, located in the world.



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