The exhibition in Nizhny Tagil «Russian Expo Arms-2011"

Polygon "Miner", which under the Nizhny Tagil preparing for the "Russian Expo Arms 2011". Almost everything is ready, and what is not - done literally in front of journalists. The exhibition itself begins its work on 8 September, and its grand opening - September 9. Opens the exhibition will be the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The mystery remains, as the Prime Minister arrive in Nizhny Tagil from Koltsovo Airport. One possible version, he will fly by helicopter directly to the landfill.

The workers finish building pavilions, paint stands, and suggest putting the final touches; cleaners sweep the floor, and the military work out tactical strikes on the range. Only FSO, watching everything going on, setting the tone for all present. A "premera" coached fares by polygon.

See for yourself what happened at the site of events of the day before the opening of the exhibition.

23 photos via Alex Sohovich-Kanarovskaya

1. At this time, for the VIP -Guests added two new grandstands, set the LCD TVs that you could watch the battlefield.

2. While the mystery remains that erected opposite the VIP stands, but the assumption - the big screen.

3. The sector itself, which will VIP- person is separated from the main and super-VIPs will sit at the top, above the arch, built for them there is a special place with sloping tables.

4. While expecting a rehearsal of military equipment, I walked on range, examined how the preparation. Enough work for everyone.




8. For erecting sheikhs sandbox that would feel at home. That just will not do for our dear guests, just to buy tanks.

9. In our eyes, while we were there, the builders created a lawn again for VIP.

10. Artificial barriers to wheeled vehicles, their main task is to show driveability.

11. By the time we managed to see everything, went to the landfill, "MSTA-S" and how came shooting out! I even hair stood on end.

12. BMP-3 goes to the ground, making a couple of laps, she easily overcomes obstacles ground and water obstacles.




16. Further, on the left just two cars - a SAM BEECH.

17. In the present raised dust at the site bronevichek "Tiger".


19. Some concrete barriers were given particularly hard, and were accompanied by blows on the head.


21. Following the "Tiger", at the shooting appeared BTR-82.

22. The main exercise was the culmination, when the announcer said, "in the firing line out the upgraded T-90S. The captain Vladimir Putin ».
The tank stopped near the stands, from there down a man in camouflage uniform and climbs into the tank - this is the "premier". The machine is carried away to the line, and still no traffic about 7 minutes, then returns to its original position. This time, he played the role of Deputy Prime Minister. Director of Uralvagonzavod.




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