Enemies celebrate Christmas

The incredible thing happened on the Western Front during the First World War.
Christmas Eve and Christmas 1914 French, British and German soldiers celebrated together.
You see, as much as a magical holiday.

Christmas - it is a special day, so even the soldiers at the front of the house got a lot of assumptions, which in addition to warm clothing, medicine and letters, were the Christmas gifts, and even garlands of fir branches.

It all started with the fact that on Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24, German soldiers started to decorate their trenches and sing Christmas carols at the British infantry responded by singing English songs.

German soldiers shouted in broken English: «A happy Christmas to you, Englishmen!» («Merry Christmas to you, Englishmen!"). And in response was heard: «Same to you, Fritz, but dinna o'er eat yourself wi 'they sausages!» («The same to you, Fritz, not obeshtes sausage!»).

Both sides continued to rejoice and shout greetings to each other. Some of the soldiers began to leave in the neutral zone for the exchange of Christmas gifts - chocolate, cigarettes and little things. The soldiers showed each other pictures of their families, exchanged souvenirs. Later, the former enemies even played football in the neutral zone.


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