Tibetan mastiff puppy sold for two million dollars

Puppy tibetan mastiff sold to the Chinese Zhejiang Province for 12 million yuan (more than 1, 9 million dollars). A resident of Zhejiang, devoted to the breeding of Tibetan mastiffs, said in an interview with a local newspaper that the new owner of a puppy of golden color, which can be considered as the most expensive dog in the world, became the head of a construction company from Tsindao.

According to the breeder, another Tibetan Mastiff puppy, red color, he has sold over 6 million yuan (about one million US dollars). Such a high price of puppies, he explained, is because purebred Tibetan mastiffs are found as rare as pandas, which are considered a national treasure of China. Tibetan mastiff, which are considered native Chinese breed for many years have the title of the most expensive dog in the world. So, reminds AFP, the previous record price belonged to the representative of the breed, sold in 2011 for 10 million yuan (about 1, 5 million dollars).

Source: lenta.ru/news/2014/03/19/mastiff/


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