Most Autumn road in the world

This road is in London, and it mounted thousands of wonderful maple leaves. And the most amazing thing is that this autumn road became almost by accident.

At first glance it seems that the London road painted some artist who loves Autumn Street neatly covered with a layer of leaves, inseparable from the asphalt.

Meanwhile, the secret road is very simple. Road services recently massacred in this place a piece of old asphalt and put a new one. While he was hot and sticky, he is attacked by a lot of autumn leaves.

The next day, when the car finally leaves imprinted on the road, surprised passers-by saw the incredible maple asfalt.Tak, almost effortlessly man invented a new way to print organic pavement and Autumn Street spread through English, and not just the media. Photographer, noticed and gave it a miracle million British newspaper readers, called it "the carpet, embroidered motorists and machines", though perhaps it would be truer to say "carpet, embroidered by itself" .Londonskie wipers still can not sweep maple Floor with the fall of the road. And maybe, and do not want.




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