New glasses with their hands

Christmas cups with their hands =) that was a pleasure to drink =)
Ph 29, please do not break
went nomir 1
Buy or take existing cups

2.Risuem or print image, which will be transferred to the glasses.

3.Trafarety going to do with adhesive paper - Oracal, oradzheta etc. (you can buy in any advertising agency)

4.Podkladyvaem under leaf patterned oracal and with the aid of a compass portable drawing on sticky paper

5. stationery knife cut a star


7. oracal unstick from the base

8.taki unstick =)

9. Sticking stencil on the glass in your favorite places. Gently and carefully iron the edges, so you do not stiff paint

10. Take the transparent stained glass paints

11. Brush paint is applied from the edges to the center. The paint does not regret ^^

12. Then take the sequins, which will sprinkle glasses to get a picture. Pour them into the lid of the jar, the better to pour.

13. Sprinkle glitter on the paint application


15. Where there is enough sleep from caps - pens to fill up. (after the room where they make cups, wrap paper, pasted paper and no drafts! And even in this case, even a week to walk in splendor, vypylesoshivat them from the carpet, whisking off the table and out of bed)

16. In order to make it all well stuck - putting a piece of paper to the drawing and presses

17. Inside ^^

18. Outside

19. All the glasses put dry minutes 30t


21. After all dried up - tight sequin tassel looks like the remains of which are not stuck

22. Where not glued sequins - repeat the operation for applying paint on individual places

23 and sprinkle with glitter wherever struck repeatedly glue

24. Again, we wait until dry, looks like a brush, and cover for fixing a transparent paint that covers up this stencil

25. Put a watch to dry for 24 ^^ Then gently remove the stencil (preferably parts of separation from the edges of the picture) iiiii ...

26. vu la - you can celebrate New Year with sparkling stars on cups and guessing zhelaenie

27. For a more festive Christmas atmosphere can tie tinsel ^^

28. Happy New Year ^^ Thank you =) everything!



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