And how would you?

I go, then, on the street, not bothering anyone. Suddenly I heard a woman scream, "Help!". I ran to the cry, I see how some asshole hurts her. Without thinking twice I pulled out his pepper vodka and persecution of the offender, of course he starts screaming, clutching his eyes and coughing (Somehow it on themselves testil pepper vodka, fell slightly and his eyes closed for 30 minutes, so as to there jet meter grass).
It would seem, well done and all the cases. So there's ... J. Instead of thanks I hear: "You fool, why did you do it? He was just joking ... "Or something like that.

E ƈ This ... You fool, I thought to myself. Of course, one could guess that a joke if it were heard giggles at least, but at that point, even a smile on her face to be seen, although it does not matter. From anger, and I wanted her to hunt, but the benefit of that thought of just leave.
Ladies, take note. If you show interest, it is not necessary for all Ivanovo screaming "help" just yell if you really in danger.



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