Stories that prove that man can survive in any environment

Sandy Sahara Marathon is considered one of the most difficult in the world. This six-day transition length of 250 kilometers dare only the most experienced and hardy. Police and pentathlete from Sicily Mauro Prosperi also decided to test himself. Four days all went well, Mauro went seventh. And then I went up a sandstorm. According to the rules, in such cases, the participants were supposed to stop and wait for help, but the Italian has decided that some kind of storm it is not a hindrance - that he did not see the sand! Mauro wrapped head scarf and continued on his way. Six hours later the wind died down, and Prosperi realized that all this time was going somewhere not there. He was so far from the others, even flares were useless - no one has seen them. Absolutely alone, in the middle of the vast and inhospitable deserts on Earth. Prosperi had no choice but to keep going. To save fluid had to write in a jar from under the water. In the end, he came across an abandoned mosque where starving marathon was able to profit, catching bats, lifting the poor animal's head and drinking their blood. Then despair Prosperi tried to commit suicide by slashing wrists, but from dehydration his blood thickens so that refused to pour out, so it did not work - only a couple of scratches and headache. And then marathoner vowed that he would fight for his life until the end, though, apparently, is the death did not want to accept it, so the other option was not simple. During the next five days Prosperi continued wandering across the Sahara, satisfy hunger lizards and scorpions and thirst - dew. And after nine days of ordeal, fate took pity finally exhausted over Italian - he met a group of nomads, who explained that he was in Algeria, more than 200 kilometers from the place where, in theory, should be. And what do you think? Two years have passed, and Prosperi enrolled to participate in the new Marathon, from which he returned intact, unscathed and on time.

The story of a man who survived in the Australian desert, feeding on frogs

It was in 2001. Someone Rica Mega woke up ... in the middle of the Australian desert. He was lying face down, he sprinkled the ground, and ran around a pack of dingoes, looking at the man with hungry eyes. All this does not bode well. As it has managed to be here, Megi did not understand. The last thing left in the memory - he was behind the wheel of your own car, traveling on sparsely populated areas to the west. Nothing unusual. Ten days Megi went barefoot who knows where, and the longer it went, the more absurd it seemed this way. Finally, he came across the causeway where a small tent pitched from branches and twigs. In this hut he lived for the next three months, eating leeches and grasshoppers. Sometimes he managed to catch the frog - it was a delicacy. He dries it in the sun, while the frog is not covered with a crispy crust, and then ate with relish. Eventually, Megi found and saved farmers. At this point, it looked like:

Recovering, Mega has written a fascinating book about his adventures.

The history of a girl who was "adopted by a" family of monkeys


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