Light pollution of the Earth

These are photos of so-called light pollution of the Earth taken from space. The term "light pollution" and "light smog" is used to refer to the clarification of the night sky artificial sources of light, the light which is scattered in the lower atmosphere.

The most common sources of light smog are major population centers. Light pollution is overrun power harms the ecosystem, greatly complicates the process of astronomical observations]

Canadian scientist Felix Farand-Deschênes took these pictures to demonstrate how often people wasting energy.

Here is what Felix Farand-Deschênes: "These brightly lit areas and simply point areas of the world - an eloquent testimony of how irresponsible humanity. Human activities aimed at universal coverage of the surrounding area, causing irreparable damage to the environment. " Sources of artificial light can cause the death of birds, affect the growth cycle of many plants, hinder orientation in space insects.

These maps are created using data that have been collected by satellites demonstrate the contrast between the countries that are considered the most developed, and states the so-called "third world". Leaking in Egypt Nile river, the valley which is a very densely populated area - it is perhaps the only brightly lit area of ​​North Africa.

Indeed, lighting - especially with conventional lamps, which wastefully consume energy - it is extremely energy expending technology. Incandescent lamps are very large amount of energy spent by heating, "says the scientist.

It looks like the night within the United States.

In Japan, Korea and eastern China.

Australia and Indonesia.

The Middle East at night, as seen from space.

In India at night, as seen from space.

The territory of South America

In North America.



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