As we fed beluga

The author writes:
On the second day in Nilmoguba we wanted to look at the morning feeding beluga. However, when we arrived at the dive center, the first was rejected - "dolphin weekend, come back tomorrow!"

Well, of course, to wait an extra day for the sake of such an interesting event - a sweet deal! :)

The next day at 10 am, we met with an employee of the dive center and went to the hole.

Well, actually, and very white whale, or rather, beluga named Petrovich. He caught the end of autumn, and for 4 months he was used to people and feeding in captivity. He, by the way, know that for 10 hours and is waiting for us eagerly.

Each dolphin character. Of the hundreds of captured about 1-2 can not live in captivity and refuse to eat food brought by them. If time does not let go free, because stressful experiences they quickly die.

Some belugas are trained and prepared for the show at the Dolphinarium. Petrovich too old, he was 20 years old (and they live up to 30), but it is very friendly.


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