"Aeroflot" has offered the Belgians to discover

The advertising campaign of "Aeroflot" in the Brussels metro has caused bewilderment residents of the capital of Belgium. The posters with the slogan "Discover Russia", which are designed to advertise flights from Brussels to Moscow and attract the attention of potential passengers shows a panorama of the Kremlin embankment overlooking the Moscow River and the Kremlin itself.

However, instead of cars along the waterfront is a column of military trucks carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles. According to The Telegraph, the photograph can even distinguish between the mobile rocket launchers, "Topol-M". Presumably, the picture was taken during a May 9 Victory Day parade.

The leader of the European Conservatives and Martin Callanan MEP called the posters "a mistake or a bad specimen of Putin's propaganda" and added that if "Aeroflot" had no purpose to convey a political message, the advertisement must be removed. Brussels blogger and former Bulgarian diplomat George Gotev, in turn, called the campaign "blunders" and also recommend to remove it from the subway.

The representatives of "Aeroflot" and Russian diplomats in Brussels, declined to comment.
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