Mom, I'm a girl! (4 photos)

Little Briton Zach Avery, a year wears dresses and ribbons and very offended if it is called a boy.
Close and psychologists supporting Zack in his decision to become a girl.
At school, even equipped with a special neutral toilet.

In the words of my mother Zak, before her son was the most normal kid who liked to play with a train with his brother Alex. But at some point he became interested in cartoons of the princess, and then his world has changed dramatically. And in the age of 3 years, and he did, said: "Mom, I'm a girl!».

At first, the parents are not taken seriously, they thought it was just another game, but boy dressed up as a girl. Psychologists have noted that the child's brain girl, and the boy's body. My mother was very upset, but nevertheless supported the decision of his son and respected his choice.


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