Wild Mahach Taganka

Woke up this morning and I feel that something is not right. Listen to yourself - it feels good. Listen to the world around them and understand - Odd is not it. It's not that intrusive and expressed in a loud voice from a megaphone. I think, oh well! Birthday Great and Mighty tomorrow. Why pre-strain? Went to the window and ... I really ofuel, comrades! My quiet and peaceful courtyard has been turned into a real farce! Drowsiness Saturday with me blown away like the wind, grabbed the camera down, I ran into the street, that would capture this mess.

Fot many, the end marked.

Saturday morning. Pile of cars and people. Cho are they doing here?

Ah, there it is!

Kids voynushku decided to play!

I knew, of course, that there are such people, but I think not wondered what so many of them and they are so serious about this case relate.

I can hardly correctly otkamentit this event, for not vkurse, but as my wife said - "It is better than vodka eat on the entrances," so I just foty.

Yes, and the rain was in the morning ...


Who is there just no! And small children, and zadroty frail and old and gray guys and just real heroes!

And all serious like that.

A military girlfriend outside, so that the heat of the hand did not get!

Yeah right though schaz in the movie!

Looking, and there mayhem in the meadow. Byut sparing! Although these here, with sticks and red Polski, in the course of the judges.

Rose on his knee, like a log.

And so on are prepared for battle.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. His rushing, in the course of

And the girls tao same there. Vitelnitsy with bows basically.

A reinforcement everything fit and podhotyat.

At the expense of tolkiyenistov do not know, but there really is a lot.

In Tolkien's archers were? And then there came firearms.

Yes break, I do not mind. And people really ignites zdorovski. I am writing this post, and the window and heard the shots rumble swords. Cool, cho!

And people still goes on and on.

And here came together!

How are they determined cho, I do not know. For me as a wave somehow, but what the judges look out there and everything civilized.

One was against the crowd.

Well somewhere so. Thanks dude. They have made my morning.

I will go look no further! Good luck everyone!



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