8 things that do not need to worry

If there is no solution to the problem, then do not waste time worrying about it.
If there is a solution to this problem, then do not waste time worrying ...
The Dalai Lama

We live in a world woven of anxiety and worry. We are afraid to get sick and dismissal from work upset when a little extra padding and wrinkles under the eyes, worry about family and children, puzzled about the causes of a bad mood boss and lover. We worry too much.

The younger the age and vulnerability of the soul, the more reason for our troubles. Gradually comes experience, tempered character and it turns out that standing cause for concern is not really so much. Some call it wisdom. We want this process a little easier and have made for you a list of things that just do not worry.

What others think

Ooooh, this is the most popular type of anxiety that lies in wait for us at every step. Before each unusual or important act we condemn shunning relatives or even strangers at all. Some, especially impressionable ladies, this fear leads to the fact that wearing a bright new scarf, they are covered with cold sweat, imagining all the passengers of the metro and only do that see them, think about them and maliciously wink behind them.

Leave it! No one before you do not care, and if there is, then that's their problem. You are an adult, make their own decisions and are responsible for their consequences. Do not let the opinions of others to shape your life as trying to match someone else's opinions, you lose yourself.

How much do you weigh

Yes, the cult of beauty and health, imprinted in our consciousness, has led to the fact that the wrong number on the scale can permanently ruin the mood. I do not call to abandon a healthy lifestyle and diet, but all must know when to stop and not to get stuck. Sometimes, especially if your weight is not too goes beyond feelings about the extra kilos can do more harm than do those kilos.

How other people live

Do not worry about other people's lives, especially if it has no direct impact on you. Let other people live their own lives, as well as yourself. Do not worry about the number of mistresses, colleagues, neighbors, or the education of children clothes unknown passer-by. That's their business.

And most importantly - Stop comparing yourself, your home, your income with others. This is the path that leads to nowhere and gives just an annoyance. If you do that, then there will always be more beautiful or richer, or lucky person who will poison your existence. Just remember that there are millions of people who are willing to give a kidney to change places with you. And calm down.

Social Networks

Do not worry about the number of friends on Facebook, or their absence. You should not be sad about the husky or stupid comments. Yes, social networks have become an important part of our lives, but it is not our whole life. It's just a good tool for social interaction, but no more. Do not attach too much importance to virtual friends and enemies, Get a better present.


Perfection is unattainable. Point.

Just accept and live with. Try to do their job well, but do not suffer the impossible. The desire to get a perfect result in the one case, you will close by hundreds of other cases.


You can not stop the clock. It is a fact, no matter how much you worry about it, or how much money you throw out, trying to hide the consequences. Throw sad about it. Twenties think that life ends at thirty, thirty-year push back the deadline for another ten years. In fact, both are wrong - I know .

Happiness is not very dependent on the age and even gray-haired pensioner can live richer lives than beardless student. So stop worrying about the age and wrinkles, better think about filling each day.

They are wrong!

In every man lies a craving for justice and truth. It is important that the desire to prove his innocence and justice did not prevent you from living. You are responsible for every attack on your side, carefully collect evidence and show the wonders of eloquence. Unfortunately, it usually does not completely useless. Your opponent is his own opinion, or even laughs at your vehemence. Most often, the time spent on disputes is wasted. Do not worry that someone you think is wrong. Take better than something useful for themselves.

All that you can not control

Stop to take care of things that you can not control. If you can not do anything to influence a person or situation, you do not waste energy. There are so many important things in our lives that can be changed. Focus on what you can change, and discard the head of those issues that are not in your power.




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