On the run

Star, make a wish. I fell

If luck passes - lie down in the middle of the road. Let stumbles

Do not put off till tomorrow. Put off till yesterday. Yesterday, just do not come

Tomorrow never comes. Wake up - and again today. I checked

If you change the polarity of incandescent bulbs, it will radiate darkness and cold

The new "Harmony" is equipped with alternative engines. Color sails optsialen

The bathroom MP 2 anti-dandruff shampoo, 3 - and for one abstention

The boy ran across the road in the wrong place so that it knocked the air defense

To Russia has healed, you need to grow plantain area of ​​17,075,400 km2 and gently apply on the territory of the State

If you pull the lower lip down and sharply to swallow, you can disappear

Anna's wardrobe was so packed that the mole was not able to learn to fly


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