Sandwich with red caviar

You know how to make sandwiches with caviar? ..

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2. Well, I'll tell you how to get here is a tasty sandwich.

3. Take the soap base - literally gram 10.

4. Melt in the microwave, without boiling, to "unfreeze", and add the orange dye.

5. It is - to form a sandwich. I prayer clay on a dry piece of bread, top to stick beads, the size of the eggs, and flooded compound.

6. Fill the eggs with hot soap and water.

7. I did not do it very carefully, I have not worked - a skill lost.

8. Therefore, when the eggs are frozen, remove excess.

9. Make oil. melting in half white and transparent basis.

10. Add a drop of perfume and oil, stir.

11. Pour the eggs.

12. I leave it to freeze - stand to accelerate the cold.

13. Make a bread crust. Just melt the piece of white base with the addition of brown dye.



16. Paint brush crust.


18. For the same realism do yellow.

19. myle- frozen "oil" knurled - layers to better grasp.

20. Melt the white base, add a drop of brown, pour the "loaf".

21. Subject to freeze.

22. Sandwich frozen, remove from the mold - cautiously.

23. Trim any excess.




27. Warning!
Keep out of reach of the carotid or drunken men place!
For there are precedents.



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