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As a preface I will say that it all started with this:

Acoustics own hands
Stereo with your hands

My first steps in the field of electrical engineering and after both the project I got well, there was a desire to put together something more complex. My eyes fell on the subwoofer. I wanted to experience all the delights of sound effects when watching movies.
The first thing I did - it decided on a capacity - up to 100 watts to me is more than enough for the room. Well, then search for and select the drawings woofer.

And he's my next sub
And dynamics to it

Its cost is low about 2, 5 tr in the store.
While driving to my e-mail and speaker fazoinferter, I began the selection of materials. In neighboring furniture company has found here is a 30 mm plate in the waste, and the same for a hundred rubles sawed size. Since the dimensions of the proposed site are designed for 19 mm MDF had little counted that have an internal volume remained unchanged.
It will be about 60 photos

Putting on a pair of screws for the error estimates cutting, such was not

Making layout for milling dynamics and fazika

Prepare a manual mill and here are my Milling cutters for crafts, all made exclusively at home.

Because the router is needed for high-quality milling compasses had to make it out of what was

In total got this thing with this compass can make a circle with a diameter of 60 mm

Getting mill, do not forget to connect the vacuum cleaner

Here's a beauty turns)

I came speaker and fazik, trying on their

Milling under the terminal

Again primerivat

Now chamfer all corners

Came the holidays and with subwoofer went to his parents in the village. There wall subwoofer sklelil polyester resin (epoxy than on similar, but dry 40 minutes) and tightened the screws on the longest

After the holidays took up the body filler. initially only wanted to seal the screws. But then I decided that if you do something to make quality in all aspects of total large spatula held that the plane would have been perfect. After processing nazhdachkoy struck a fine filler for plastics.

After the fillings have all of hides minor flaws identified by the developing powder. Further, the primer, drying day, then again the processing sandpaper. Apply a metallic base is dried and covered avtolakom. As a result we get here is a beautiful body

And a couple of kinds of

And near to evaluate the painting)

We apply the speaker feels good

Sizing inside the body so that's antiresonant material. What a foil based on bitumen

Also, after sizing so that's dempfiruyushimi dense mats

Now sabe light and warmth

all fasten the housing

Next was a choice to carve spikes. but again to move the sub with them uncomfortable need something to enclose under them that would not torn linoleum, szezdil in the furniture store and bought a pen of iron than covered and screwed

Here is with them

In principle, all finished with a subwoofer is now the turn of the amplifier. I had the idea to make an active subwoofer and all the inside stuff, but I like it not because such performance will be a separate amplifier for it. As previously, I was able to gather for the first time in the TDA7294 amplifier successfully started to do something on the same chips in the bridge. But after reading that this amplifier is only 8 ohm load is calculated that it began choice Bole complicated for me amplifier transistors. I shoveled a lot of information, opted for the & quot; Lanzare & quot; But his scheme. Power can be obtained from it 200Vatt more

are willing to pay a loot will correct all errors nail polish)

Ludim track

Putting all the parts, the main thing was not to be mistaken for me

Since the sub woofer is working on the necessary low pass filter (LPF). Of course, if your sound card has a separate exit to the sub can not do it. But I'm the easy way is not searched) filter circuit on the opamp. LPF has a volume control knob cut, as well as a smooth phase control board LPF

LPF assembly

With filter is also not so simple, it is desirable to stable power supply. do it here stabilizer shemka

The stabilizer assembly

Check all the work on exhibit Lanzare quiescent current. All works all the singing

LPF check all controls everything works, I am glad to snot) Fee stabilizer had a little easier, thanks to people knowledgeable

Now, the power amplifier, I had a test transformer TP-100, with the Resale of 20V, but it is not enough will. I had to strain all know who stray tube usilitel.I a miracle! I found one, pulled out of it burned trans TS-180. I had to learn how to wind transformers. Rewind for a primary and secondary housing 500vitkov voltage 27V

Everything turned out again for the first time it was engaged

Begins to create the body of the amplifier, as always with parts of the carcass for

Examples radiator

Precious Lumina I went to the first amplifier, turn on plywood))

The edges pass a router

Rear view

Next on the thumb, shpatlyuem, nazhdachim, gruntuem etc until varnishing

The finished result


Pretends to combine both together). Vyvod- good!

We are putting it to the amplifier, and pretends anchoring

LPF had spread and that regulators are too close, it is inconvenient to rotate the handle

Put the amplifier polyurethane adhesive feet

Forgot to add that put in charge of protection and the AU issued diodes on the front panel lights up red if the amplifier output will be a constant voltage, the green LED 3 seconds until there is delay on

Finally. In conclusion, the power subwoofer lacks the roof! Bass is very clear, assertive and resilient. No wheezing or farts and not close. The only drawback Saba, is that you have to make all the furniture out of the room, along with skirting, vibrating all around! But watching a movie or listening to music is a pleasure. I recommend to repeat, sranival listened to store subs, 10-15 thousand is nothing even close to playing in the store so. And not because the sub has collected his own hands, so that all are optimally matched to the project. Thank you))



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