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In 1943, Konstantin Chekhovich who lived in Nazi-occupied Porkhov (Pskov region), was invited to work by the administrator to the local cinema - closely guarded the building where the headquarters of the SD (Security Service), the gym for German soldiers, and in the basement was equipped cameras for torture.

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Preparation of the explosion began at the end of October. From the guerrillas, he received about 60 kg of explosives, which he loaded on the wagon.

From the village Radilov left the cart with a deadly cargo. The explosives were carefully hidden under a basket with apples and berries. In the wagon sat sister Vasilyev, behind them, on a bike, he rode Chekhovich.

According to legend, harvest baskets were sent to Porkhov, there to exchange them on the rump. Before the city of wagon stops a German soldier.
- Give - he says - try your fruit.
By the way, sisters Vasilyev were not even aware of what hides in the wagon. And when the soldiers took a bite an apple, then his face contorted. Apples soaked tolite and become bitter. But the taste was unfamiliar explosives fascist, so he missed the wagon.

Due to its status as Constantine could come to work before the others. First, he sneaked tol under clothing, a little bit, but then I realized that this pace he will take a few months. Therefore, it is connected to the case Yevgeny Vasilyev - the sister of his wife has been employed as a cleaner in a movie theater. Every day she sneaked through several briquettes into a bucket of dirty water and a cloth.

Sapersky Constantine Chekhovich experience taught him how to place explosives. Tol fit very deeply on the floor, all the gallery (which had to sit SS officers) was packed in four rows. To start the mechanism used Chekhovich detonators and hours.
Time X - 6 November, Saturday. However, November 5 without explanation German commandant closes cinema. According to some reports, the Germans still something suspect and even began to open the floor ... but found nothing. Because TNT, as we recall, was laid very deep ...
We decided that the reinsured. And now, on 13 November at the cinema advertisement appeared today in the building will be a meeting of officers vertmahta, and after - showing the film "Trucks Band" (circus). Home cinema show - in 19 hours. Chekhovich Service puts detonator 20 o'clock sharp ...

Black and white reel of film tells the story of a German backstage world of the circus, where the young and able-circus tightrope walker has successfully copied his famous colleague in the profession - tightrope walker Trux. But he does not have famous names and forced to perform in circuses seedy. Those wishing to enjoy the art of going a lot, in the aisles put extra chairs ...
The blast wall theater overlooking the Shelon collapsed completely. We remained intact only the cellars, where the tortured Russian. The victims of the explosion were more than 700 people, among them two (!) General, more than 40 senior officers of the Wehrmacht, not to mention the lower ranks. The Germans themselves were shocked: the leadership in Berlin, they reported about 350 dead. That's the number of coffins were ordered from Porkhov masters. Each coffin Germans put two or three bodies. Explosion in Porkhov theater - one of the most successful acts of sabotage in the history of the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately for the residents of the city is turned into a mass repression: after learning of the attack, Hitler ordered to wipe out the entire population Porkhov.

Chekhovich himself immediately after the blast fled to Leningrad. His involvement in the terrorist attack determined by the clock-clocks, which he used in the blast. In 1944, he takes his family from Porkhov and went to Odessa. There he lived until his death in 1998.

All this time, the leadership of the country and there is no thought about how to reward Chekhovich for his feat. According to many, he was a traitor, and all - because of the two-week stay in a German prisoner of war. When the military offered Lavrenty Beria reward Odessa sapper Hero of the Soviet Union, he just shrugged: "Let him say thank you for all the living».
But justice, as well as a good film, still exists. After 70 years in the building of the theater itself will be a plaque.

Memorial plaque in remembrance of the feat Constantine Chekhovich only established November 13, 2013

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