Smart Bulb from LG

LG has launched the Smart Bulb in Korea - a couple of light bulbs, which connects using Bluetooth devices with Android (from version 4.3) and iOS (from version 6). H5>

10W LED lamps allow you to control the lighting in the home using a smartphone, and may blink as notification when you call or you receive sms. Another feature is the security mode when the light comes on at the specified time and at predetermined locations, if you are not home, simulating the presence of hosts. There are absolutely useless function for teenagers and those who have nothing to do - Smart Bulb can also act as a light-blinking in time with the music that plays on your phone (support only for devices Android).

По According to LG , Smart Bulb will serve their owners up to 10 years provided they are used to 5 hours per day. Price on Smart Bulb 35, 000 Korean won ($ 32). Information about entering other markets has not. Like other necessary details about the device, such as a light bulb will react if the house will stand alone and you are someone calls, it is unlikely someone will want to live in a house-garland.

The idea of ​​home control at least the electronics inside it, with a smartphone, definitely deserves attention. But Smart Bulb rather fan and try to remain in the stream of new technologies than any serious step in this direction. But one distinct advantage in these lights, of course, is - when you go to bed, there is no need to get up from the bed, it will be enough conventional clicks on the phone.

Competitors: Robosmart , Lumen and certainly same, LIFX , who gathered at the Kickstarter $ 1'314'542 at targets $ 100'000.



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