In the video, a popular singer and his wife threatened 28-year-old Olga Kholodova

Suffered under the wheels of an SUV singer Vitas she did not lose her drunk and took a cab to the camera of your mobile phone. In the video, a popular singer and his wife threatened 28-year-old Olga Kholodov generously diluting their dissatisfaction with swearing and threats beat cyclist.

Immediately after Vitas detained, the actor has decided to resort to tricks and all kind show others that he felt bad. He even knelt down and complained of the terrible pain in my heart.

 - I have a heart! Take a girl with a camera, it stimulates the heart pain ... - pitifully kneeling asked Vitas.

Singer repeatedly asked the police officers to release him from the handcuffs - first by persuasion, then even threatened to call some high-ranking patrons.

Vitas's wife Svetlana Grachev at the time tried to explain to the police that they did not want anyone to shoot down and all were waiting for the driver.

 - Yes, we have arrived sober, just waiting for the driver and fight. - She justifies her husband Svetlana Grachev.

Companion of the artist is constantly trying to beat out a mobile phone from the hands of the witnesses. Despite the fact that the parents in the car was their little daughter Alla, spouses and cursed in front of a crying baby rushed to take them off people.

Even being handcuffed, hit by Vitas I used to call them girl, sending her into a certain direction and showering threats.

Recall, 32-year-old Vitaly Grachev, better known under the pseudonym of Vitas, a jeep knocked cyclist on the territory of the Exhibition Center in Moscow. After the accident the singer tried to escape from the collision with the injured girl threatening gun.

 - The accident occurred around 18:30 in the northeast of the capital, in the VVC - LIfe News commented in the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in Moscow. - The driver of the car "Infiniti" knocked the girl-cyclist. The injured taken to the nearest health facility.

At the time of the accident with the singer in the car were his wife and daughter.

The accident occurred when Vitas moved on the main square of the OCE. Towards the right side of the car left the girl on the bike. The actor was not able to prevent the impact, but because of the low speed cyclist has not received serious injuries.



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