Goodbye, childhood!

It seems that the talk about the past now considered indecent. Here's what you remember the song played on the radio in the '90s and loved to ride a tram without a ticket - and do not hide it - and everything you do is wrong. You should not apply mind that something you feel and take pills. We believe this is wrong.

Do not break, please. I'll tell you when the end.

Over the weekend, the parents do not give the lie - train and pensioner six acres, weeding strawberries, tomatoes pinch collect Colorado beetles in a jar with water, raking rotten leaves. How fortunate that today garden plots have become a source of nourishment in beznitratny easy hobby and grow nutritious food they hope a few fanatics.

On Saturday, after school - district library, deathly silence of the reading room, given no more than five books, and why Cervantes held the week (sick), and help there? Rewriting of anthologies in crooked clean copy of the abstract, the copier across the street, but from the audience make anything. We love the library, as well as the subway, platonic.

All descendants of long-respectful digitized gray-brown faces of his relatives, ate the mouse heavy albums, broken children to them and the road.

Shops, one of which gave us Tarantino closed, giving way to flat sellers cowards, beads and dried fruits. Let us pray to the Internet, all of our moral compass and spiritual values ​​there now.

Remember, mom told me not to play there, and you ran with prodlenki, buried treasures of the glass pieces and coins, built Khalabuda, chasing a ball, lit bonfires, brought the remains of a school breakfast puppies? Now these pleasures are available only to those whose parents bought an apartment on the edge, and then a short while, until the next building. Kweli concrete ghetto kids play in the Indians only console.

Fear and Loathing in the Soviet Union - the fashion for pieces of paper, sprinkled with relish. It is necessary to cough, and ruthless mother sculpts them on your chest back - the feeling that at the edges sat Satan himself - puts mercury thermometer in the armpit, but see not shatter, and the move have now grandmother Ljugolja glands smazhet and march to soar legs!

Plain white chalk or yum-yum with mint, economical, eternally crumbling and cheap as dirt, he lost a toothpaste that can be sold to a much larger number of ways.

Compote in cans
Home Preservation fell victim to the stagnation once hospitable cottages. Now compote decent takeaway never buy, western barbarians called the word fruit tea bags and livestock grandmothers who know a lot about the business, has been steadily decreasing.

In the summer of poisoned carp - hello, three-liter jar with a nasty hot pink liquid. Drink a bowl or a hug unitazik again drink. Now crystals prescription habit of the population to buy them on an industrial scale has died, and a new generation of puke excellent student forums for anorexia and bulimia.

Only a maniac carry with iPhone, iPod and aypad simultaneously. The sound quality that was decisive for the music lovers of the past, smartphones catch up and overtake Sony and ayrivery decade ago.

Schoolbag stuffed full
Eight lessons for each subject at a hefty textbook, and even extra-curricular reading, notebooks, pencil case with a set of colored pens - treteklashka the wind that and look like a beetle on its back capsize. Thank tablets, only to fight them uncomfortable.

Optical disc
People of the future will see them except as the popular radar detectors in the series "Truckers-8: The Virgin and torpedo».

Radio receiving
Brehunets, subscriber loudspeaker bursts into life our grandparents time signal, auditions and decisions of the Party, he rested on the Bose quietly. On a small and loyal friend, brightened as workdays you combine operators and milkmaids, how many students had saved from destruction by an enemy bomb!

Baby craze Soviet citizens crystal and china has made hundreds of millions living in the branches of a china shop, where a carefully rubbed glass reigned pile of vodka, a glass of brandy, wine glasses for champagne, salad bowls, candlesticks, bowls, milk jugs, and of course, the Grand and the master, the red and gilt bokastoe monster - Grandma's service for 16 people, now struck a humble cup of Starbucks.

Who has not leafed through a fat Talmud in search of funny names, he did not live. Satellite Phone Prank mladsheklassnikov all, he confidently opened the population to each other. Just think, a horror.

FABRIC handkerchiefs
Thirty years ago, grandpa wiping your snot checkered square smelling cologne "chypre", and today is terrible even to think about the ubiquity of custom carry in your pocket your snot. A washing handkerchiefs? Thank God, though newspapers were not accounted for all his life to shit in the diaper.

Philosophers, writers and scientists, cut off from friends and loved ones insurmountable distance, in his voluminous writings narrated, talked, sang, gossip, hoping threatened and swore. On piles of papers that remained of them brighter than any novel, the character emerges century. Compare: the dying winner Natsbesta 2013 Figl-Migl agent wheezing their passwords, not to have sunk into oblivion fifteen thousand letters with news Ikea and confirmed orders pizza, deep photo comments friends instagrame, piercing kits skaypovyh interjections and smiles.

Under the iron heel of urbanists and it will fall, slow, noisy, interfering with the passage of vehicles, breathable burning rubber. Tramvaemanam and tramvaevedam will only groan and consider photos from Lisbon.

Black squeaking one secretary, chewing of a thin paper roll, shared the fate of the dodo and Archaeopteryx. Any document which contains the precious signature, you can scan or take a picture phone, without straining your PBX.

Social Networks knock people in small herds due rationally. Such a mass orgy of anonymity, as in "mash" or "crib", will never be.

Lots of prospects for monochrome screens - fashion, this hipster wave of tenderness for a shabby film cameras. What is a Finnish company will establish production of these marvelous machines: premium retro velvet pouch, complete - Vintage dvd-player with a collection of the best noir.


© Tanya Cohen



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