Khartoum, Sudan (37 photos)

Sudan is not the best place for the ground. For example, in the ranking of peacefulness It occupies the third place from the end, behind only Somalia and Afghanistan. I do not know what's up with the political situation and ecology, but if there was a rating of countries and cities in the number of improperly parked cars, Khartoum would take first place. While there, the second on the first Moscow. Let's see what's going on in reality.

Taking off from Juba, Southern Sudan, and fly to the North in the main Sudan. My yesterday's post caused a lot of questions from readers about my location there. Unfortunately I forgot to highlight the issue of tourist life of Southern Sudan. I can say that despite the fact that the country is living in the Middle Ages, for whites created a relatively tolerable conditions. There are normal hotel. Well, as normal ... as we have in Anapa about 10 years ago. That is, you can live. There are excellent restaurants. Just good European restaurants. Of course, in all these places let the local closed, but white in Juba live tolerably well. White there are many - in the city deployed a UN mission.

Farewell, Juba! Goodbye Blue Nile! Farewell, young African state of South Sudan!

Lehtinen north ... under the wing of something sings ... Red Sea Desert.


We fly to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Khartoum - Sudan's official capital. It should be immediately clear that the city is at the confluence of Blue and White Niles, in the immediate vicinity is the largest city of Omdurman and Bahri. In fact, it's one big six millionth city. I will not share the city into 3 parts, so as not to confuse the reader. So when I write Khartoum, I mean agglomeration.

With altitude city does not impress ...

The coal market.

Industrial zone. The country is poorly developed industry, live at the expense of oil.

As you can see, there is only the asphalt on the main streets. The city is very dusty and dirty.

The Khartoum reminds Moscow? Exactly! There are the same problems with parking. The whole town is just overwhelmed with avtohlama. People put their cars wherever they want.

Sudan - an Islamic state, because of that there were problems with the south, gotory not want to live under Sharia law and eventually separated. 70% of the population are Arabs.

City quite wealthy by African standards. After Somalia and South Sudan in general it seems that you're in paradise.


The house of the first president.

Pedestrian infrastructure.

On the sidewalks there convenient heard.


With the move, especially in the old center complete disaster. There are no markings, no rules, just some chaos.

The use as a taxi tuk-tuks. Despite the fact that the city is very large, normal public transport there.



Women's Fashion.

On the market are selling the skins of crocodiles! Real. Horror simply.

In fashion slippers with fur.

Modern architecture of Khartoum ...

The coolest city hotel, built in 2008, Gaddafi. It is called the local "Egg Gaddafi».

In the evening, take a boat ride and a meal on the Nile. In Sudan, all are very strict with freedom. Do not remove the bridges, government buildings, any objects that may seem strategic. No freedom of photography. Everywhere security officers in plain clothes, for all of the following, all look and listen. Right dense scoop. In Sudan banned alcohol. Of course, on the black market to buy theoretically possible, but the locals do not run the risk to them of a serious punishment. On arrival all the searching and alcohol is poured. For the attempt to bring in alcohol relies penalty can even expand or start up.

In Khartoum, very hot. Now the day of the sun more than 40 degrees. Khartoum is considered one of the hottest cities in the world, the average annual temperature is 30 ° C. Since ancient times, there is a good tradition to leave the streets jugs of drinking water. Until now, almost every street corner there are here such pitchers, and in each there is water.

In the evenings the whole town is going to promenade and admire the Nile.

And sometimes there are great dust storms.



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