US kinolyapy with the Russian language (23 photos)

Let's see how Americans distort Russian words and letters in the movies.

The Bourne Identity
Simple Russian guy Aschf Fshtshfum. Not steamed, just changed the layout ...

Hero Tom Hanks actually call Gulnara Gulin, as indicated in its Vadzschelskae Pasvedchanne.

A common mistake to confuse the letter "W" and "Y".

From Russia, with love
The Russian embassy doors need "Dergat" and "Dikhan".

Independence Day
Russian cloud "Fznamznon" more dangerous than the cloud of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull. And she soon will be covered Novosyoyrsk.

A prisoner of space
Russian Standard monitor the eyes of Americans.

Red Planet


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