Glazov. The reaction of residents to the flag of "United Russia"

The reaction of residents to the flag of "United Russia" in the city center.

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Flags appeared in the central square of the city on the eve of May 9, 2013. What did the ruling party for the victory over Nazi Germany, for citizens remains a mystery. However, many have become accustomed to the fact that the "United Russia" puts its stamp on the more or less significant events; in this country, even youth competitions held by municipalities, from something Pestryaev become symbols of color. Nothing like? And if you would put "quality mark", as before, but not so long ago, "thorough" was repaired in the city of the surgical department of the central district hospital, invested about 20 million rubles. And already flies from the walls paint peeling plaster. Who realized that just paint and issue for the overhaul does not work, quickly lost luster. Now dilapidated over the years without repair municipal offices are closed, "decorative" panels, fully obezlichivaya facades and repairing the walls at all. The video captures of the School №3, that currently disfigure rather than to repair rather than to master budget. And so everywhere. Creates excellent visibility. For distraction population Universiade held with more than 9K gold medals for our team, preparing for the Olympic Games and world championships. Accustom colossal sums of taxpayers, you and me, that we did not even touch. Although these tons of oil could be put in order all the crap yards to the morning to go out and see the manicured flower beds, manicured lawns and beautiful black wrought-iron fences, not yellow-green hell even the Soviet era with an insufficient number of parking spaces and broken pavement . Well, dreaming, but at least the road would do, rather than to build, "the pride of the country", which to us personally in the drum, we want to live in comfortable conditions, including aesthetic. You say that we are far from the sport, but agree that all sawn ruble could open a lot of small local sports schools, and this would have a far greater result. The truth about the logic and common sense ruling minds, apparently, can only dream of. Even you do not want to even talk about the job illegitimate "state fools", consisting entirely of the "makers" of culture and sports, house trained to press a button during the voting, issued during the past year, a pack of absurd laws. Do not be surprised if the symbolism of the ruling party is now equated to the state. (Do not Thanks for the great idea for the legislation, important to warn you, Cossacks will be per kilometer bypass.) Thank you for your attention. p.s. The text of the paragraph was colorful, but, fearing persecution article on insulting the feelings of believers, we have decided not to publish. He was about how to complete the construction of an Orthodox church in Glazov Udmurtia allocated from the budget of 15 million rubles, more than 15 million gave TVEL corporation, which owns the main enterprise, for a total of $ 30 million more than to "overhaul" of surgery. Secular state.



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