Elena Mizulina intends to ban ...

The bill "On the obstruction inefficient and purposeful spending of the seed" will be submitted to the Duma in the near future. It is expected that the law will be tested first on the men, said Mizulina. "In our country, little men. And if we prohibit them to masturbate, it will most Finally, do a noble thing to increase the birth rate in Russia ", - said Elena Mizulina in an interview with" The Saboteur ".

It is estimated that growth in masturbation for the first half 2013 amounted to 13, 5%, an increase of 5 to 6% compared to the same period last year. Mizulina concerned by the fact that Russia was among the five European countries in terms of the intensity of masturbation.

Under the bill, men aged 14 to 18 years will be fined in the amount of 5 thousand rubles for each act of masturbation, from 18 to 35 years - 100 thousand rubles, from 35 to 60 - 50 thousand rubles. "Men older than 60 years will not be subjected to penalties," - explained Mizulina. The Ministry of Communications has promised to establish in each apartment webcam masturbators to monitor in real-time.

In support of the bill made by the Cossacks, the nationalists and the Russian Orthodox Church. On Manezh Square is currently being authorized meeting, which requires as soon as possible to prohibit masturbation throughout Russia. The correspondent of "Intersaksa", located in the center of events, saw demonstrators following slogans: "Stop pull boa", "Release your right hand for a good cause", "masturbator today - tomorrow a foreign agent." The new law should go through three readings and enter into force on 1 September.

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