Chapter Tesla crossed America

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, reported in his twitter about the final six-day trip from New York to Los Angeles. More than five thousand kilometers drove his Tesla S in six days and, amazingly, spent batteries to refuel just 9:00, a car "refueled" only 6 times in 1, 5 hours.

For most Americans, car travel "through the Continent" is a special form of self-knowledge. Many generations get into their cars and go from one ocean to another. Support national tradition and to prove the possibility of the "electric" trip from New York to Los Angeles took none fell, and the head of Tesla Elon Musk.

Official information about the conditions and the results of this tour is available in two terse sentences of the microblog of the traveler. It is known that electric Tesla S (obviously in the most powerful version with battery) spent on the road 6 days and dressed only in branded "super-fast" charging stations, Tesla Supercharged.

Each refueling, said Musk, travelers can admire the beauty of America, relax or have a snack at a nearby café. Tesla built a network of filling stations so that the motorist did not miss until his elektrokon be satisfied. The most powerful "Tesla S» charged up to 100% for 75 minutes and passes in one go up to 450 kilometers.
The most interesting - the official website of Tesla hanging elektrozapravok development plan in the US, where black and gray indicates that travel from coast to coast will be possible in the winter of 2013. Chapter Tesla was ahead of our plans and made the first voyage between the oceans, spending just 1, 5 hours per day to refuel his car. By 2015, the network will cover the territory elektrozapravok Tesla stay 98% of Americans. Without a doubt, the head of Tesla and his car - the heroes of this car time.

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