Approximate sample of TV news in the middle of the year 2050

Approximate sample of TV news in the middle of the year 2050, if the company will develop the same way.

"Hello, pretty and tents viewers! In the broadcast news at the channel first russian (1st channel). Today, 15 September 2050, the year and the main events of the week.

1). In Paris, activists sought straight parade in Paris, the authorities and the public are concerned about this activity. Recall that last week held straights did his hits, dispersed with the police, but social forces managed to stop them, and to protect children from the Nazi propaganda of values ​​and hurt feelings of sexual minorities.

2). The terrorist Al Haramad shot in London, 250 people received the same sentence of 3 years imprisonment in a cell colony. Human rights activists are concerned and need to mitigate the punishment of criminals in connection with the fact that the distinguished gentleman Hamaradi not able to integrate into European society, to blame the residents of the English quarter of London.

3). Residents of Moscow district Russian staged a rally demanding equal rights with the rest of the inhabitants of the capital. 24 people were arrested, two of them managed to escape. Now Russian quarter of emergency mode, the remaining 10 Russian forbidden to leave the limits of their apartments.

4). And on Tuesday, all eyes were on the young couple who had sex for the first time after the wedding. Thousands of tourists come from all over the world to take pictures with amazing eccentrics.

5). It has been exactly a year since abolished the national flags of Switzerland and all the Scandinavian countries, due to the fact that it offends the feelings of other religions. Recall that the former flag was depicted a cross.

6). Exactly five years, both in Germany received the second official language - Turkish. We are talking with a young German:
 - Mohammed, tell me how you feel about this phenomenon?
 - Oh very good! However, we still have to put up with the Nazis: still very common to hear the German language in the film and even in the universities! But the authorities have promised to fight for our rights!

7). The richest, respected and well-known resident of the Czech Republic - pornoaktera Jacek Tsehovski admitted that in the future wants to enter politics. Polls predict his victory.

8). Human rights organizations and the public will consider the proposal of the Sicilians on the abolition of criminal penalties for the killing of one person.

9). Belarus - the last country in Europe where it is still banned same-sex marriage, polygamy and polyandry as well as pedophilia and bestiality. At the summit Big Twenty decided to fight with the likes of the fascist phenomena and to impose sanctions on Belarus, to prohibit all Belarusian citizens from traveling abroad.

10). In the border Yekaterinburg (recall that a year before the Urals became a state border between Russia and China) parents refuse to let their children to lessons seksopatalogii, sexual psychology and tolerantnologii. Do not worry, all children removed local juvenile justice and are now safe, the parents are detained. Human rights activists and the public cares a tolerant and progressive child-rearing.

eleven). After all, except Belarus, legalized marijuana, a debate over the legalization of heroin and cocaine.

Since you have been leading Maria Petrov. We are following the developments in the world and in the country. Goodbye, sweetheart. »

All this is going? Yes. And most people today do not care. And what kind of world do you want behind milking leave our children and grandchildren?
Fortunately I give you for your attention :)




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