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2.Priobretaem butylek rectangular ...
And if the desire to do something after the purchase itself is lost, move on. White Spirit scour the glue from the labels and aktsizki. You can also use nail polish remover (acetone), but it is longer, and zaibesii. On the neat bottle mounting tape to seal the future of the window.

3. On the opposite wall from the window glue a picture, which is the first layer with a decorative 3-ply napkins. On the PVA glue, face down. Beautiful picture of the magazine is not a ride. Checked.

4.Sushim, and on top of napkins paint white acrylic paint in several layers. Conventional brush does not turn out to put a uniform layer, it is better to use a sponge for dishes or brush with foam. For doors need 4 thin sticks of Morozhenko (I will not dissemble, harvesting sticks the most enjoyable part of the process)

5. To simulate bricks ideal plastic substrate. In the absence thereof, can be taken: vinyl wallpaper, cork backing, thick cardboard or something else, to use what I have thought of.

6. paste "bricks" the whole bottle. Cut "tiles."

7. spread the type of roof.

8. Now several layers cover the whole krasoten white paint. It becomes something similar.

9. As I wrote in a previous post, I paint only 6 basic colors. Therefore, to obtain the desired shade is necessary poebatsya ... colors all remote places "roof" in a mixture of black and red (the color will show through the main brown).

10. And at this point, I realized that I like guys are sharp edges "bricks". Not naturally somehow. Turn ingenuity. ... The solution is found! Divorce remained after repair plaster plastered finger joints.

11. Brown (yellow with red and black, the proportions by eye) paint carefully paint the door and carefully roof.

12. It should be a little tricky with the texture of the walls - very light gray paint (white End chuuut black) stain between "bricks".

13. unstick window

14. Draw a door) type tree, and b) types in the loop) type handle ring. And covers a "roof" transparent gloss acrylic lacquer. In order blyastela like yay ... Well, you understand.

15. barbarously cut off from the artificial flower sprig, and do it from a bush in a pot. And lastly, the contour drawing on glass and ceramics dorisovyvat window. Here, it is best to practice, I have a relatively straight line turned on the third attempt. A blurred outline of the glass, to put it mildly, hrenovato. Well, vopschemto all. Thank you for your attention and success in rukobludsve rukodelnichanii!



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