"Lawn" - 68 years. Here time flies.

I remember the father sat in the "Lawn" (GAZ-51A), a long time ago, when little was.
Unique smell of gasoline, oil, dermantinovyh seats and hhhrrrrrrrrrrrr so first gear. Handle steep and plants. No service, friends of his father at 40 degrees + onions, black bread and cucumber pickles removed the motor using scrap and scatter in the yard. Then changing the pistons and crankshaft stuffed back. After all repairs have barely stand on his feet and washed up "new" engine. It was then that I learned the basics of life, that "roaring reeds, trees bent." Good was the time.

PS. The smell of gasoline, oil and dermantinovyh seat back is not possible, as the hiss of bubbles in the nose of soda pop in 3 dime.



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