Finding in the car, which would cut into scrap metal (6 photos)

This time it happened in Birmingham at the dump old cars. Charging the car next to the unit, which should crumble it into pieces, people heard the plaintive mewing kittens from the trunk of the car.

Workers immediately stop the machine and went to see what was the matter. In the trunk of an old car, next to the spare wheel were four kittens who looked to be no more than a couple of days old.

It happened last Thursday. According to the manager of the company Carl Dowling (Carl Dowling) Porsche 944 1989 of release they bought from its owner, who wanted to get money for the pressed metal. The car stood in the yard for about two weeks, after which it finally loaded into the crusher. And for a few seconds before it would start to cut into pieces, people heard feeble squeak.

 - Our guys looked at each other in surprise, stopped the car and listened again. And when they opened the trunk, they found there four kittens. Most likely they gave birth to one of the local stray cats living near the dump. We see them here on a regular basis.

The kids were very tiny and afraid of sunlight. Workers had the time to take care of them, to become a nanny and start feeding kittens milk from a bottle. Currently, all four kids live in the office of the director of the company, and the employees are trying to find their owners.


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