Interesting and amazing facts about the Jedi

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Interesting and amazing facts about the Jedi

The commercials in 1975 in Japan visited a young American filmmaker in love with the works of the great Akira Kurosawa and dream to create something similar. In Japan there is a special genre of historical drama dedicated to the adventures of militant samurai. It is called jidai-geki (時代 劇). The very name of the American, whose name was George Lucas, also liked. A few years later the word, becoming a "Jedi" has become one of the key in the universe of "Star Wars».
In the Jedi Order is not only a father (of course, Lucas), but his mother - a famous writer Lee Brekket fiction. By the way, she was married to the founder of the direction of "space opera" in science fiction Edmond Hamilton. Brekket was one of the sponsors of the script for "Episode V. The Empire Strikes Back." And that, she began to develop the theme of the Jedi, their philosophy and special way. Alas, two years before the premiere of the film in 1980 Brekket died of cancer. But the ways of the Jedi in her footsteps went literally millions of followers around the world!

In the universe of "Star Wars" Jedi appeared about 25 thousand years before the events described in the classic trilogy. They - star Knights, protectors of peace and justice in the "very distant galaxy." His ability they use to protect themselves and others, but never - to attack. The essence of their lives - in service to others. The essence of their way - through the knowledge of self-improvement, and daily exercise.

The actions of the Jedi uses the Force. It is described as an energy field, which is created by all living beings, that links together all the galaxy. In fact, it is an analogue of the Chinese concept of qi. Have Strength and scientific basis: in the process of "cell respiration" chemical reactions that generate an electrical impulse, though microscopic. In the universe of pollutants interact with force for the adept telekinesis, levitation, ultra-fast response, extrasensory perception, and more, cause microscopic midi-chlorians. However, they are not a guarantee - mastery of the Force takes a long time to learn; ideally - for life.

When speaking about the power, certainly mention the light and dark side of it. They are, however, part of the whole. Opponents of the Jedi, using the Force to achieve selfish, evil purposes, called the Sith. Once it was simply Dark Jedi. After losing in the battle and banished to the back of the galaxy, they enslaved the peoples of one of there and began to call themselves by his name. The battle between the Jedi and the Sith, often assumes the character of a galactic war - are the everlasting battle between good and evil.

Jedi and Sith are armed with a special weapon, indissolubly linked with the world of adepts Force - lightsabers. According to the description (there are detailed technical!) Sword is a high-tech device with a capacious battery power. When the device generates a powerful blade, consisting of clean energy, with a few exceptions able to cut any material. His lightsaber every adept Force after training had to collect myself. The ability to master them requires a perfectly honed skill and concentration, skill and achieve harmony with the Force.

We have a special Jedi Code, according to which they are constantly collate and make sense of their actions, they are guided in making decisions and choosing alternatives. "No emotion - there is peace. No ignorance - is knowledge. There is no passion - there is tranquility. There is no chaos - there is harmony. There is no death - there is the Force. "

If you think about it, all the classic trilogy of "Star Wars" prequel plus three episodes, filmed in the years 1999-2005 - the history of life, and the way the death of a man named Anakin Skywalker. Jedi existed Prophecy of the Chosen, midi-chlorians conception that restore balance forces. In Episode I, this little boy, son of a slave on Tatooine, Jedi released and accepted into the Order as an apprentice. Episodes II-III show the path of the young Anakin to the dark side and his transformation into the terrible Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, half machine. Episodes IV-VI - the civil war in the galaxy, the confrontation with Vader Rebel Alliance and his son Luke, in the completion of a painful choice - and the destruction of the evil Emperor Palpatine's death and the transition to the force as a light character. The prophecy came true.

"Star Wars" - is one of the most popular gaming universes, along with knightly tournaments, role modeling and the world of Middle-earth Tolkien. It is not limited to the accompanying film books, comic books and computer games. There are very serious organization, associating himself with the Jedi, and set himself the task to prepare assistants peacekeepers. They studied such serious subjects as law and protection of rights, first aid, self-defense without weapons. There are those, such as fencing club fighting for the Jedi in San Francisco Golden Gate Knights.

It came to the emergence of a new religious movement - jediism which experts, however, believe a subculture or philosophical trend. Jediism quite popular because of its moral norms and principles of life correspond to both traditional religions and secular ethics standards. Adult toys? Certainly not! After studying public opinion, the UK Ministry of Justice in 2000 has made to the list of religious movements, used for the census, the code 8968 Jedi Knight («Jedi Knight")! According to some data, today in the UK alone 390,000 adherents live jediism.



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