28 most successful shots in February

28 spectacular photographs of February for creating that do not use any graphic editors, only attention and creative view of the photographer.

Lizard on a flower photographer Jherek Klimek (Jarek Klimek).
© plus.google

Aircraft C-17 Globemaster III over the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, exhaust smoke and fire to get such turbulence. © imgday

Angry peacock. © forwallpaper

Shut up! Photographer Erol Ozer (Erol Özer). © 500px

Photographer Tertns Ronnie (Ronny Tertnes). © tgcom24

Lake Mates Caserta, Italy. © reddit

Belarusian Anton Kushnir athlete during the qualifying competitions in freestyle. © nbcnews

Olympic Flame to Sochi. © sports.ru

Above the water. © googleplussuomi

Over Shanghai photographer - Vitaly Raskalov. © vk.com

Headless penguins on the Atlantic island. Photographer Paul Goldstein (Paul Goldstein). © dailymail

Gardens Rangsit University, Thailand. © fubiz

Sunsets over Asia, photographer Uirapon Chaypak (Weerapong Chaipuck). © 500px

The road to nowhere, photographer Aaron Groen (Aaron J. Groen), South Dakota. © 500px

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Bullfrog. © nhmountainhiking

Photographer Qutub Uddin (Kutub Uddin). © flickr

Photographer Peter Hill (Peter Holme). © 500px

Salute to the baseball game between the teams of the US Army and Stanford. © goarmysports

The illusion of a tsunami. Geneva, Switzerland, the photographer Alex Toycher (Alex Teuscher). © opticalspy

Jiangsu Province (China), the series of similar houses with a playground in the middle. © theatlantic

Mirrored ship photographer Matthew Vandeputte (Matthew Vandeputte). © reddit

Photographer Zack Seckler (Zack Seckler). © zackseckler

Photographer Christine Lisa (Lisa Kristine). © evasblossom

Wooden sculpture Torfsa Bruno (Bruno Torfs). © pan-dohva

A holiday in North Korea. © novosti-dny

The world is beautiful, pay attention to the beauty around!

Hanging over the ocean lake Sørvágsvatn (Sørvágsvatn) is located on the island of Vagar (Vagar) and is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands (Denmark). © es.paperblog

And again a couple

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