As I raskurochil hard drive

So began my hard drive fail, it gave me five years ago to the DR, it is stored on your personal information and all photos from 2003. In general, it begins to show that the computer freezes during any operation from the HDD. He took it from the computer, the computer that is collecting himself - for the home, such as kinchik see on the knee chegonibud do this minimikro ITX, it flies all earned. Clear hard drive begins to die.
Stop reading, took on the job type then see it as something to work spun once, in the end, though he understands, but no time two works, decided to give the art.

15 photo.

In the photo the hero of the story, I had already begun to dismantle the top cover I started shooting.


Dude said diagnostic hard drive will cost 1000 rubles, and after the diagnosis he will say exactly how much it would cost, after it evaluates the job based diagnostics in 6000 rubles. OK. I'm taking the diagnosis, I give a thousand prepaid negotiate that he would call in the morning and say how much of what. Morning call said that with all the discounts work will be worth 16,000, and with the proviso that the donor drive, I'll leave him, and prepaid, I would have him 14 pieces, and it does not give any guarantees that will get my photos. I slegontsa prihuel from such appetites, is restrained at once on the phone he did not say on what address to go with such prices. Just I say that now podedu. When I arrived, he was a boy then combed how difficult it is to get the data, the guy went away to think, in general, I ask him to show the results of the diagnosis, "repairman" astonishment: What? I tell you though S.M.A.R.T. sdela what to see there, it says there is not done, I told him and with the help of which made the diagnosis in general poditozhivaya and the words and bukaf will dofigischa, I took a screw, it stsuka he even did not get the package, it has a thousand currents also I took.

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Well, it was necessary as it is to pull data, as they say Google to help me, the big Russian tracker found a set of programs, and lo, the work program of the night, she pulled me all the pictures, completely free of charge. Diagnosis showed timeout certain sectors in general to insert it into the computer no longer had meaning.
As usual with any curious kid in childhood machine always dealt with immediately, but what a man is different from a child? That's right, only the cost of toys.
I decided to disassemble the hard disk by unscrewing all the screws are seen then I turned and began to take charge

Also all the screws unscrewed.


When the board took the contact group that go into the body was oxidized


Well, I think, this is it cause of the disease, the type of good that did not take off the cover, is now rubbing alcohol, gently clean it kontaktiki. Everything is done very carefully, beginning with alcohol, then cleaning the contacts, again with alcohol.


He gathered all again into the computer, such as watch, and suddenly will be a miracle


The miracle did not happen, you see all the same surface died


Well kurochit patient means to the end. Remove the top cover, it turns out there is one bolt it under the sticker. Around the place in the pictures


Got the first surface - Shoot


Gee-s-s that's the most valuable thing for what in principle and began kurochit! IT magnets! They are very powerful in the economy exactly useful. First pull out the top


Next interfere head Researches showed that cultural lift me does not work, well, what to include vandalism and up turning heads with meat


Well, that's my second magnet. Here are the results of the hard drive picking.
But the process of picking is not an end in itself. Pancakes, mirrors give dochune, but with magnets something to do. I thought they might come in handy.




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