Stars in Vanity Fair

What were they before, once woke up famous all over the world.

Josephine Baker, 1929

US-French dancer and actress, known for her banana skirt and erotic performances, posed for photographers Vanity Fair in mid-1929. Then she shone in a Parisian cabaret, and its frank dances were banned in many European cities. Five years later in her career was a real breakthrough - Josephine became the first female African-American, starred in a feature film, the film "Zu-Zu».

Albert Einstein 1929

Nobel prize-winning developer of the general relativity theory and one of the greatest scientists of all time also takes place in the magazine. This photo was taken before he emigrated from Nazi Germany to America and wrote the famous letter to President Franklin Roosevelt, which contributed to the beginning of the "Manhattan Project».

Jennifer Connelly 1991

Jennifer 21 years old. Rotating in the film industry since childhood, she was on the way to becoming a rising star of youth films such as "The Rocketeer," the premiere of which is devoted to this article. Exactly 10 years to the life of the actress will take place, "A Beautiful Mind" and, as a consequence, the "Oscar" and the marriage with Paul Bettany.

Sharon Stone 1991

Sharon was hot stuff before reaching the screen thriller "Basic Instinct." A year later, the film (and the iconic scene of throwing out the legs), to shoot in which the actress walked these beauties like Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer, and did bring her fame Hollywood sex symbol - a status that is assigned to the Stone and the present day.

Bette Davis 1932

This photo was taken two years after Bette Davis completed his career on Broadway and moved to Hollywood to star in a big movie. As you know, dream factory took the actress is very friendly - 10 nominations for "Oscar", 2 wins and a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute (Davis became the first woman to receive this award) to prove.

Jessica Alba, 1999

Photographers Vanity Fair photographed 18-year-old actress at the time of her life when she was transformed from a good-looking teen in sexy young woman. Reincarnation was given to Jessica easily by pulling a part in countless ratings "sexiest" and one of the hottest scenes striptease in the history of cinema.

Jake Gyllenhaal, 2001

As soon as "Donnie Darko" with Jake blew festival "Sundance" in 2001, the media began to teach viewers and readers correctly pronounce the name of a promising newcomer, predict a successful career in film. Since Gyllenhaal proved himself as an actor, able to perform a variety of roles from a gay cowboy and Prince of Persia to the serial killer in the music video of the band The Shoes.

Cary Grant 1934

In this photo unfading Hollywood handsome 30 years, he has just changed his name Archibald Alexander Leach with more harmonious and moved to California from the British Bristol. The move paid off imposing fees, bright film role and title favorite of Alfred Hitchcock, who, by his own admission, "did not like and did not respect the actors except Grant."

Anne Hathaway 2000

Embodied in the photo image of a modern princess, just like the heroine of her debut feature film, Anne just 10 years has evolved from an unknown theater actress into a star of the first echelon with the coveted "Oscar" in the hands. Thus, the role in "The Princess Diaries", where the character Anne unexpectedly became heir to the throne, became an actor in some way prophetic, with only one amendment - off Hathaway Hollywood even though he was impetuous, but forward.

Vin Diesel, 1999

The image of a dreamy and sophisticated young man in a white jumper barely fit in with the tough-guy roles in which we used to see Vin Diesel. Meanwhile, it is the role of modern superheroes brought the popularity of the actor - to recall its Riddick, Xander Cage of "xXx", or Dominique of "Fast and the Furious," which made the Diesel world famous 2 years after the publication of this article in a magazine.

Nicole Kidman, 1990

Young Nicole with a mop of red curls that became at the time of its hallmark, posed for Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair at the age of 23 years. Then the actress reaped the fruits of success of the film "Days of Thunder" and was in a romantic relationship with a souped-boyfriend Tom Cruise. Since then she has starred in three dozen films, received the "Oscar", divorced from Cruise and found marital happiness with her second husband Keith Urban.

Uma Thurman and John Malkovich, 1988

Uma Thurman Ethan Hawke to John Malkovich to "Being John Malkovich" - so they were in the late 80s. Then the young actor's career is gaining momentum due to adaptation of Choderlos de Laclos 'Dangerous Liaisons', images of characters which they have embodied on pages of Vanity Fair. Years later, Uma and John not only become the stars of the first magnitude, but will gain the status of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood.


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