Boho-chic: actual outfits and accessories in ethnic style

Orientalism has become one of the leading trends of spring 2014. Many designers this season for inspiration turned to nature, ethnic grounds, ancient cultures. Ignore this spectacular and at the same time versatile style in clothes is simply impossible. Especially true African and Moroccan motifs will look in light summer clothes. Today - 10 of the most current and fashionable outfits in this unique style that will inspire and choose their exotic outfit like!

1. Motley sundress in a Moroccan style

Flying, airy sundress with bright pattern will look very harmonious in hot weather, especially in the resorts. In it you will look not only clearly and effectively, but also to feel as comfortable as possible. Natural fabrics, comfortable cut, open silhouette - in such an outfit you are not afraid of even the most hot and dry days.

This light dress with a feminine silhouette and you can go for a walk, and in the cafes and the beach. Harmoniously with summer clothes will look fashionable straw hat with a wide brim, small bags in ethnic style, leather sandals. On the occasion - heeled sandals and a bright vest.


2. Suede vest in the spirit of the Wild West

Miraculously elongated vest style spacious pleased with this spring MANGO. This element of the wardrobe and feel the mood of the Wild West atmosphere of the desert, wild cowboys and horse racing over the vast expanses. Complement the stylish image in the spirit of the cowboys will help trendy plaid vest, any accessory or clothing from the skin and, of course, typical of those places hat.


3. Related Accessories

For those who are afraid to experiment with images directly in ethnic style, but wants to be a trend, there is an option easier. It's all your favorite accessories, small bright details that simply bring in your desired image tone. As an example - watch from Bulgari in the form of a snake, richly decorated with diamonds.

This is not the only solution for women who do not have the courage to create a fully image-style orientalism. To help all kinds of baubles, strips for hair wreaths, earrings (especially wood), leather jewelry ...

4. Handbags style Orientalism

Against the background of many small Oriental and African handbags with fringe, wood, leather and embroidery main bag still has a small bag postman. Mandatory conditions: bright colors, the presence of embroidery, tassels, fringes and beads. This is the best addition to the ethnic sundresses, trendy round glasses, straw hat and leather sandals with thin straps.


5. Current shoes in ethnic style

Well suited to the outfit for Oriental and African themes not only sandals on a flat thin soles, and heels. The main thing is to choose the right ones. The best choice - open sandals on average heels, richly decorated with beads, shells, stones or embroidery. That's just one of thousands of possible variants bright:


6. Top with ethnic patterns

This hot summer top right (especially trendy shortened) must-have this spring and summer. The main accessory is the style of boho chic become intricate ethnic patterns and rich embroidery. Best ensemble - with a fashionable skirt or trousers sun with a high waist.


7. Easy loose pants

Oriental spacious trousers made of natural fabrics - perfect for summer. The main thing - dynamic east print, lightweight fabric, bright colors. In combination with the different elements of the wardrobe so comfortable trousers can look each time differently. Another fashion advice - choose such important this season length trousers 7/8.


8. translucent blouses

What to wear with spacious bright trousers? In addition to the stamp is worth a look and fashion model transparent blouses. Maximum spacious, comfortable and versatile blouse will be the best companion in the resort or in the terrible heat in his hometown. It is possible to go to the beach and the city, putting stamp on top or shirt. The main thing - to choose the bright bottom more discreet, faded options.


9. Shorts

Where did the summer without shorts and animal prints? Then all at once - Fashionable, comfortable long and colorful tiger print.


10. Jacket with bright oriental print

Decent company in the cool evening or a walk by the sea becomes beaded and rich patterns on the jacket made of pure cotton. In this - anywhere, most importantly choose "accompaniment».



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