Slot times SSSR.Schaste 15 cents.

Biography Soviet slot machines originated in the 70s of the last century. Then the release of the first models were puzzled completely non-core plants - enterprises of the defense-military complex, as have at their disposal the most powerful and advanced technologies. In total, there were 23 products that consistently pleased Soviet citizens with new entertainment. For this to work best designers, engineers and specialists in the field of electronics. The financial crisis was not observed, and money is not spared. Average unit price ranged between 2-4 thousand rubles, which is almost equal to the price of the car "Zhiguli┬╗.
During the period of the Soviet Union have released about 70 entertainment machine, but in the '90s came the collapse, 15 cents, which is usually paid with visitors finally depreciated contain Parks became expensive and devices of the time its just survived. Here they are, the "heroes" of the past. "Battleship". Perhaps the most popular of the time machine. He appeared in 1973, the essence of the game was to simulate firing torpedoes at the moving enemy ships. The process was accompanied by light and sound effects. Oddly enough, the device is not the device is complex, he worked on the principle of mirroring panorama glass deposited pattern sea underneath - 8 beam path for the course of the torpedo. Shot by the button "Start" and the player taking aim with a rotating "periscope". Allowed to run 10 torpedoes, with a successful hit every shot has a chance at the bonus game. For children, who could not reach the window view, come up with a special stand.

"Sniper" The most famous of shooting machines of the time. Available in two versions, and resembled a shooting gallery. Shoot them had a gun game that simulates the impact due to the electromagnet, and hit the maximum number of targets in the allotted time. Near the machine is always crowded with boys who competed in accuracy and ejection points. In principle, the "shooters" have seen a lot of people of the USSR. There were machines "Tir", where a 2-minute offered to make up to 200 shots, "Accurate shooter" ("Sharpshooter"), where it was necessary to get into moving targets, including for the owl-eyed lights.

"Safari" Another favorite "shooter" Soviet gamers. The device offered to hunt African game. Visitor ruled rider on a horse, he had to jump over obstacles and accurately hit the running on 3 levels height of the animals. The graphics were primitive, no effects at all, but a simulator of shooting at the time was in demand.

"Astropilot" The first attempt to create a device with a space theme. The player had to control the spacecraft, trying not to crash into the elements of the landscape and successfully carry out a landing. Use the joystick, as a result of accrued points.

"Small town". With bits of users tried to shoot down 15 targets, it was necessary to have time for 5 seconds, a good result for the supposed 40 bonus shots.

The list is long. Soviet citizens enjoyed playing on the machine "Interceptor" fighting capitalist aggressors-raiders, improved good eye on the "Highway", visited the racing simulator "Virage", competed in "Dogfight" and "Race", fought in the "Table of basketball." These and other machines of the Soviet era can be seen today in the Moscow Museum of Soviet submachine guns. And some even allowed to play.



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