Comic collection of Russian Records

Selection of humorous records.

 - The longest kiss was recorded in Khabarovsk, when 8-year-old Vova winter touch to the swing lip.

 - The most sociable person lives in Voronezh. Even leaving the trolley, he says goodbye hands with each passenger.

 - The most ugly girl lives in Syzran. When it loads into the computer your photos, Photoshop icon begins to shake.

 - The world's largest dumpling blinded Zurab Tsereteli, and then cook it in the Khimki Reservoir.

 - The largest flat from a resident of Moscow, which is reflected on the escalator.

 - Most of all suffered from a magnetic storm Russian who gave his wife a birthday magnet on the fridge.

 - The most religious person lives in Solovki. On his chest 75 domes.

 - The most virtuoso accordionist lives in Khimki. Returning from the wedding night, he played "Flight of the Bumblebee" on the buttons intercoms.

 - Most donate blood resident of Kostroma, for which he was awarded an honorary badge donor weighing 50 kg, - not carried away by the wind.

 - The most terrible alcoholic - Chelyabinsk zoo keeper. Thanks to him every night zoo updated with new squirrel.

 - The largest family business recorded in Suzdal. Daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-grandmother owned by the company for the production of dolls.

 - The most massive in the Russian diving recorded in 1242, the year on the ice of Lake Chud.

 - The most massive in the Russian flashmob fixed November 7, 1917.

 - On the music award "Golden Gramophone" recorded the most prolonged applause: during a performance of Sergei Zverev his men fired into the hall of mosquitoes.

 - The concert of Philip Kirkorov was the most high-profile crimes in Russia: Philippe struck fan microphone.

 - Six billion views - a record set certain Anastasia V., placing their erotic photos ****** s in the Anthill.

 - The longest recorded a telephone conversation in Moscow, when Tina Kandelaki accidentally called Andrey Malakhov.

 - Record of the flexibility of the joints! Six people fit in the trunk of the car, after the attempt to rob Nikolai Valuev.

 - A record number of times inferior to old women their place in the bus alcoholic Petrykin working as a bus driver.

 - Most nutty people live in the village of "Quiet," where Internet speed 1 cable length per second.

 - The longest can survive on the water and not drown the Russian car "Lada».

 - The most inexplicable phenomenon occurred in Togliatti. When entered into production, "Lada Kalina" in the office of the head of AvtoVAZ zamirotochil portrait of Putin.

 - The kindest blonde lives in Balashikha. She buys the store of live carp, and releases them into the wild in the woods.

 - The most powerful man living in Norilsk. He is able to pull teeth to 3 meters a wife who came into the store coats.

 - The largest number of products per minute Alex ate a homeless person. Record was immediately fixed guards supermarket.

 - On the feast of St. John the Baptist the longest circle dances around the fire the villagers Vasyuki. Runaround could not stop 8 hours after the fire accidentally hit the bush of hemp.

 - The world's longest noodles prepared residents of Moscow and Dmitry Anatolyevich Vladimir Vladimirovich


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