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Thomas Edison said - "Everything comes to those who work and knows how to wait." But progress is not always the goal. Some great ideas come to mind quite by accident.


In 1942, the American physicist Dr. Harry Coover was trying to separate the transparent plastic for optical sights portable weapons. In the experiment, he worked with cyanoacrylate, which is tightly glued test materials. But only after 6 years, Dr. Coover realized the full potential of this substance, which does not need any pressure or heat. It was created as superglue.
Interesting fact - during the Vietnam War superglue used to arrest bleeding in open wounds. That's invention which was to improve the weapons have saved many lives.


American physicist Spencer Silver invented the glue, but the self-adhesive sheets of notes were created by Arthur Fry. In 1968, Silver was trying to create the ideal glue for paper handling, which could hold the paper on the surface, but not strong enough to be able to remove the paper without tearing it. In addition, it had to be sticky for repeated use.
True to the company where he worked Silver anyone not interested in the idea. Until Arthur Fry did not use adhesive for bonding bookmarks in the hymnal. It was he who suggested the use of a substance to create a reusable adhesive tabs. So the idea has gained popularity.

Inkjet printer

Engineer of Canon accidentally put red-hot soldering iron on the handle. And when the idea began to flow ink jet printer to create


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