Famous funny expression Lukashenko

Pearl President of Belarus.


Will not allow us to tilt.

I am an atheist, but I am an Orthodox atheist.

You asked for rain - I gave you the rain.

As a child I grew up among animals and plants.

It is time to take action and to veto the taboo.

Only took the eggs, milk as directed gone.

We will provide them humanitarian aid, weapons.

I Education and origin - economist.

My hands are clean, and they have no handcuffs.

Our dictatorship does not hinder anybody to live and develop.

I own state of the civilized world will not lead.

We must once again vstrahnut people and turn to face him.

Lukashenko can not steal. Understand you - there is no place to hide.

We solved this problem in a narrow circle of limited people.

I rogues, including with Russia, will not go public.

I love to play soccer, hockey, but mostly play one.

I am a supporter of sincere policy. From his honesty I have been suffering for 15 years.

Who drinks every day - for me not to vote, I will not be such friends.

You are to me here on the disease do not complain! We have a lot of patients in the government.

Shovel in hand - to dig, do not dig - so now you remain hungry.

My girl in a restaurant I did not pull the hand. Find another girl.

The uniqueness of the situation in Belarus is that I shall have nothing to anyone.

We do not intend chastity belt to hang on the relevant parts of the body.

Near the trough, whose name power, grunting all the same: and red, and white.

For the sake of peace in the country, I am willing to sacrifice their own minds.

I will be legitimate for a long time. I'm not done yet, because of this power will not soon lose.

I was, so to speak, collapsed philosophical thought! I simply must now be in the center.

Humanitarian aid - it's free, it's for the people, including, for scientists, for the officials.

I promise that the New Year in every Belarusian on the table will be normal human eggs.

I always peratrahivayu entire Parliament and vrot know who, and who does not vrot (with emphasis to Belarusian).

I must say that we are in some degree have created these difficulties, but today really heroically overcome them.

We do not need it: the automated system of election fraud. Is not necessary. We will create a state.

The point is not whether you will choose me or not - where you get to, elect, and if you are satisfied, then I will be working.

Standard of living, which is today the Belarusian people, for various reasons, below the knee, even lower can not be.

I went - aerobics. They showed me there because I never aerobics seen. I immediately said, "These beauties have - on skis!»

The people of Belarus took a chance and chose me President. This happens very rarely in history and more, perhaps, will not.

Of course, his pants, you do not run after the Komsomol, as Yesenin wrote. And we ran. And not just for the Komsomol.

And, you know, I'll tell you frankly, if I had a journalist or a politician in this way began to scream, I'd pulled out his tongue out of his mouth.

Everyone says, "You must give us money!". I owed nothing to anybody. This you have to state and me as a representative of that State.

And God forbid cope with native Belarus. Agree that this is enough pieces to swallow it. God grant over five years to somehow chew.

Bribery in my politics will never happen, but principled and honest relationship: you give the state - we support you. Who would not agree - good-bye.

Sorry for the indiscretion, but Yeltsin with me on the court is unable to cope. Korzhakov not cope. Luzhkov has lost three times. The last time we played with Luzhkov to 5,000 tons of butter.

If you try to dissolve us in Russia, to hold, so to speak, the Anschluss, you will receive a guerrilla war, in comparison with which Chechnya will seem Children morning.

Well dictator, because the dictator. This also has a certain win. This is the last! Can you imagine? The Latter! Here you would not have come here, where you used it yet in my life to meet and talk.

Who drink, at that normal children will not. This evil we fight as a most terrible evil. And it turns out - drunk, accidentally given birth, and you, Lukashenko, grow this child. And these children in our country 35 thousand.

People who speak Belarusian language can not do anything except talk to him, because in Belarusian can not express anything great. Belarusian language - the language of the poor. In the world there are only two great languages ​​- Russian and English.


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