During operation, the astronauts in space

As he told The Associated Press representative of NASA, while the astronauts in space on the "mysterious" reason to deny the main command and control computer of the American segment of the station ...

Continuing our record of radio astronaut with PCOS. The reason for turning off the computer becomes less enigmatic Our astronaut on board the ISS as an American tells Call TBU turned off and all the sockets. I wanted to take pictures and turned off everything that shines. The temperature dropped to 18, 9. Our noticed quite by chance - flew into the bay, and there too dark

I have one more comment this at TBU. This morning, after getting up, *** *** I decided to fly in and shaded to take pictures well, and turned off the TBU, including all sockets and all that light. Well, we proistruktirovali, all inclusive ...

In general, that's something like this ...
- Tell me, why do you have blue hands?
- And my Russian friend always has a hand and said: - "Do not worry, bitch, do not touch!"


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