The owner of the waist in the UK

Nerina Orton, she is 22 and she is from Birmingham, UK.
She wants to become the owner of the waist in the world, it has all the chances.
Now the size of her waist girth - 40 centimeters.
22-year-old student Nerina Orton is "two centimeters" of world record owned by American Cathy Young, whose waist was 38 inches. Briton so wants to break this record, even sleeping in his corset and takes it only when taking a shower.

The photograph :: Briton Nerina Orton, winner of the narrowest waist in the UK, poses at his home in Birmingham, October 2, 2012.
Author: John Robertson / Barcroft Media
Nerina Orton - burlesque dancer. She began to wear a corset at the age of 14 years, coaching her waist to compress it to a size of 35 centimeters. Nerina has an incredible amount of corsets. Her collection of 78 pieces is estimated at 15 000 pounds.
"I was able to remove 20 inches from my waist, but I know that it may take up to a year to remove a couple of centimeters, - says Nerina Orton. - Wearing a corset makes me feel very feminine, and it's a great way to get hip skinny girls ».
On the day of Nerina takes six small portions of food to her stomach is not inflated, and twice a year it makes an x-ray to make sure that her body copes with a corset.
"When I first started wearing a corset, a few days I was almost in agony. It hurt like hell, and on my hips, where rubbing corset formed wounds. Sleep in a corset was terribly uncomfortable. I felt like a rod along my back, so I could not curl up. As a result of my ribs moved closer to each other, so the doctor checks my spine to make sure it is not bent. My insides are also compressed, so the doctor checks that my organs are not damaged, "- said Nerina Orton.
Nerina obsession began at age 14 when her mother gave her corset. Then she weighed 54 kilograms and had a 60-cm waist, but felt like a colon.
In 16 years, Nerina already weighed 38 pounds and was suffering from anorexia. "I thought I was fat, so I sat on a diet. I lived on crackers and water most days, but it was tiring. Every day I came home and was arguing with his mother, because I did not want to eat. One day I looked in the mirror and realized that I was like a child. And it was true, as I wore clothes for 8-10-year-olds. It was far from the figure of "hourglass" as Jessica Rebit, which I desperately wanted! »
Nerina suffered from anorexia for years before she began to eat normally again and gained weight. She now weighs 50 pounds and is recognized that cares more about his waist than the weight.


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