Exhibition of National Economy (24 photos)

Yesterday brought me hard in the capital city of Moscow, or rather, the exhibition Prodexpo 2008, the largest food forum of our great country. And educated there for me in a good mood so that they could not share with you.
Usually when creative outbursts brain inflammation marketers and advertisers, asking to pages Zoschenko or Ilf and Petrov, found in stores, their concentration is not very high. And here kolllektivny lethargic sleep of reason reached the same critical mass and forced to take up the camera.
The morning began quietly, but tune in optimistic mood.

Vodka "gravitsapu" - Adorable! Drank, and on the other end of the universe, cheap and cheerful. However, if you remember the movie, the characteristic ultrapremium sounds a bit ironic. Went on ?? How do you like it ??

Industrial group, not just. With imagination now industrialists went entertainers. And they are not alone.

Do not quite understand grace - a description of the product ?? Feeling of partnership ?? Advertising slogan ?? Asking for some reason did not want to.
And here's another option, smelling gunpowder and revolution:

Right way, comrades, the trail Ho Chi Minh! With such a good name must be second-hand AKM`ami trade. The truth here Exhibitions grocery, hitch. And the trade of these good people, do you think ??

And that's not true, not fur, tiger claws, pine nuts or a jet of musk deer. Carbonated beverages do lemonades. Well, yes, I knew at once. Speaking of drinks: glamurchika do not want ?? Ask ...

Not huhry-muhry and luxury! Hopefully, that will depart on time. But for gamblers option:

You can run the whole series: Hydro Paz, for example, or Miser fizzy.

Continue. Ladies, if you suddenly do not have enough in the life of warmth and affection, you can buy at retail. Dosed at 400g.

Do not hesitate, should be enough for everyone. A ezhli who else is lacking, so it's all free, from the bounty, so to speak!

And on the natural potential. Not in size, goovrit case ?? This Proshka you have not met. With seeds.

I remember the unforgettable metallurgical: "Our strength - in swimming trunks!" In them, darling, some still think so.

Do not need platitudes, no melting, no swimming here at anything:

Soft imechko is almost home. In contrast, it appears real cheese alpha male:

Whether cleaver, or toothfish, macho, in general. Toothfish, if I am not mistaken, this is a fish ?? please, about the fish:

Keep pace with the times, what about the sandwiches with the most ... smoketom ?? Get used to, we're in the twenty-first century. I understand that is not easy to immediately regroup, but gradually. Tempora mutantur, as we know, it seems to us mutamur go. In order not to fall into a stupor easy when you will fall testicle is:

I do not know why seafood spawned a bout of creativity, they may phosphorus lot ?? I wonder whether the author had read nizheoboznachennoe work ??

Although there may be interesting, if boldly go further. For example, frozen seafood sold under the brand name "Tatars" and fresh oysters as "Romashov." Okay, here though seafood, but very controversial statement:

And in the end you please kompotik marine theme. For dessert:

In fact, fellows, did not hesitate to tell the truth, that even fish. There are few honest, but sometimes there. It is encouraging that some of them true leaders, whose name is on the ear!

That is nothing hid, neither the text nor in the picture - the honor and praise! That's just what the character is sticking out of his mouth ??
Want to taste the neologism ?? The great and mighty Russian language - it will not any chips.

Try - and then tell us. Although still something there is not native, alien. Kenapsy some strange. Whether it here:

Branded semachki better still adhere to the lip, help yourself!
Well, who chips and semachki religion forbids diet, you can go to the cereal.

So imagine: I'm sitting in this company myuslibatonchikami health and enjoy. Well, not the grace and ??
Just do not relax, be patient. Homestretch already come out. Get!

If this is a reference to the classics, then, judging by the picture, Othello had every reason to be unhappy! Well, in general it shows more allegorical.
And finally, here's the Stakhanovite movement, our answer to Chamberlain, so to speak:

And then, Hercules - he's healthy, well - just sends and could give and forehead.

That's the story. Impressed by what he saw think unleash a new brand of "Cuban cigars." And the fact that only the Cuban Havana yes, we also do not make a finger! Will buy ??



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