The collapse of the MiG-23 in Belgium in 1989 (4 pics + text)

July 4, 1989 in a densely populated area near the town of Belgium Kurtre
there was a dramatic event that shook the locals were astonished
aviation professionals around the world.


On a clear day serene private house family Delauer rammed combat aircraft ... with Soviet identification marks! Died from his injuries Belgian youth. The pilot was not injured, because an hour before the tragedy of the fighter ejected and landed safely on Polish soil. From Poland to Belgium MiG-23 flew without a pilot!


A unique case in the history of aviation in the then political situation was undesirable for the Soviet Union in color. Therefore, an unpleasant incident quickly tried to cover up. Its direct participants - military pilot Colonel Nikolay E. Skurndinu - advised "not to spread."

The summer of 1989 was due to expire a year as Colonel Skuridin served in the Northern Group of Forces. Zhukovsky held a high post of Chief of the Political Department of the Air Division, which obliged him to, inter alia, the solo flights. July 4 he was preparing to fly the MiG-23 from the airfield regiment, which was based near the city of Kolobrzeg (Baltic coast of Poland).

As usual, the plane took off confidently. But as soon as the pilot began to climb, the strongest blow shook the fighter. Perhaps in the air intake got a bird. It happened on the 41 s second flight at an altitude of 90 meters! Plummeted speed MiG began to decline ... Skuridin barely had time to turn away from the plane of the city towards the sea and ejected. Before landing, the pilot had noticed as a fighter crossed the coastline and lost against the background of blue waves.

Meanwhile lokatorschiki provides information about the object is lost somewhere in the area of ​​coastal waters. Emitted after crash Miguén a couple of fighters was not found. Command began to calm down, reasoning that a serious flight accident ended up pretty well - no casualties. The fact that the MiG-23 crashed into the sea, no one doubted

Meanwhile, the remaining without a pilot aircraft plowed German airspace. The German defense was not up to par until her MiG fighters tried to overtake, he had already crossed the border with Belgium. Posts German pilots that they allegedly flew close to the Soviet fighters and wondering examined, empty car, most likely just a fiction. Virtually all military aircraft have photographic equipment. Picture silver MiG with red stars on board and without a pilot in the cockpit, and even against the background of the German interceptors cost a lot of money and would bypass many newspapers around the world. But there was no such photos.

A little more than an hour was in the air fighter Skuridina. Himself officer during this time managed to get in the hospital, make X-rays (as it hurt the descent by parachute) and appeared in the headquarters. And then the radio station "from abroad" reports that the Soviet MiG-23, hull number 29, landed safely in the vicinity of Brussels. The aircraft broke the fence of a house, a wing broke veranda, which, unfortunately, was a young man. Listening to the message, Colonel Skuridin and other staff officers were shocked. How could a faulty fighter, and even without a pilot, to be in Belgium?

Later it turned out that from the disaster of the MiG-23 has saved the autopilot. The regiment was made to include it on the ground and do not turn off during the flight. Pretty strange behaved engine. The film of the "black box" recorded the following. At 41 seconds into the flight there was a sharp drop in speed (to determine the cause could not be, since the bulk of the equipment is not returned). In this state, the engine is 15 seconds, then turns again increased. At this time, the pilot has ejected. Further, the engine speed is increased to the maximum, and 20 seconds later fell again. Automatic them again raised. Soon engine parameters returned to normal and hold until the end of the fuel in the tanks.

After stopping the engine fighter was the plan. Coming down, the plane picked up speed and due to its aerodynamic qualities, under the current autopilot back to level flight. This was repeated several times. In the last cycle, the MiG literally pritersya to the ground and remained unscathed.

A few days after the incident in Belgium visited by a group of representatives of the Ministry of Defence. Any fault of the pilot was not found. The lawsuit broke out between the Ministry of Aviation Industry and Engineering Aviation Service. The fact that the engine is turned within 5 years time was repaired. However, the cause of unstability of his commission has not found.

Commenting on the incident, the then First Deputy Commander of Air Force Lt. Gen. E.Shaposhnikov said, "The case unique in the history of aviation. Has there been such that the combat vehicle, abandoned by the pilot, made such a long flight uncontrollable ».

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